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Ghost Horses (Mysteries in Our National Park)

Press:Natl Geographic Soc Childrens books National Geographic Children's Books; childrens book edition (October 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-10
Author Name:Skurzynski, Gloria/ Ferguson, Alane


Visiting Zion National Park with his family, twelve-year-old Jack encounters two mysteries, the strange behavior of a band of wild mustangs and the possibly sinister actions of his new foster brother, a Shoshone boy.

From Booklist

The sixth book in the National Parks Mystery series is set in Utah's Zion National Park.
Jack and Ashley Landon are accompanying their parents to Zion, where their mother, a wildlife veterinarian, is to give a talk.
On their way, they pick up two Shoshone children in need of foster care.
Jack dislikes uncommunicative Ethan, but Ashley happily befriends Ethan's sister.
After arriving at the camp, the travelers are invited to a roundup at a nearby ranch, where the horses act strangely (several seem to have deliberately killed themselves).
Meanwhile, Jack and Ethan barely tolerate each other, until a flash flood forces them to work together.
Eventually, everything ends happily; even the mystery of the mustangs is solved.
The danger in the story seems forced, as does much of the interaction between Jack and Ethan.
But this still works as light adventure, with the advantage of some interesting information about mustangs and the park.
There's a color photo insert at the center of the book.
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  •     I am 5, and my dad read's the books to me. We've read 9 of 12 of the series, and plan to finish them all.It's not scary. Normally, one chapter a night is perfect. But, warning, near the end of the book, you won't be able to stop until you finish.This one is not one of the best - too predictable.Also, father stupidly puts his kids in danger on Zion hike.Would recommend starting the series of books with "Cliff Hanger", it's our favorite.Don't have to read books in order if your library doesn't have them all - we read in no particular order and still enjoyed them.

  •     This was a really good book. I would really recommend it because I thought it was really interesting. It is about the Landon family and two foster children named Ethan and Summer. They go to Zion National Park and are trying to trap wild horses. Ethan and Jack didn't like each other much at first, but they became friends after a lot of stuff happened.

  •     Ghost Horses, by Gloria Skurzynski, is a great series about a wonderfully adventurous family. I like this book because it never stops being exciting. In every one of these books, the most exciting part is in about 3/4 of the book. These books are thrilling, mysterious, and funny too.#6, Ghost Horses, was funny because Ethan, the Landon family's new foster kid, and Jack Landon, were always fighting and never getting along. While Ashley Landon, Jack/s younger sister, and Summer, Ethan's younger sister, were getting along fine. Did I mention that in each book, the Landon family get a different foster kid. #6, Ghost Horses, is about the Landon family, and their foster kids taking a trip to Zion National Park. This park is home to wild horses who run through the canyons, and all around the park. Ethan and Summer showed Jack and Ashley the ghost dance. Summer and Ethan are indians from a tribe called the Shoshone. Anyway, the Ghost Dance is supposed to make the White people go away, so Jack and Ashley were making fun of thereselves without knowing it. Later in the book, Steven, Jacks father, takes Jack and Ethan on a hard core hike through the Narrows, but something's wrong. Jack hears things in the canyon walls while they're hiking. I like this series. I've read #1 Wolf Stalker, #2 Cliff Hanger, #4 Rage of fire, and now #6 Ghost Horses. This isn't a series that you must have to read in order, as you can see, I'm not either. But sometimes, the Landons will mention something that happend in one of the past books. These books range from about 150-190 pages long. So, if you'd like to get into the adventure that I just talked about, and a lot more, read Ghost Horses, and all the other " Mysteries in our National Parks".

  •     I thought this book was really good! It shows people how even if you don't like a person you should still be nice to them. Someday you and that person could become good friends! So don't ruin it by being nasty to the person!:( I think that that is the message the authors wanted to get through.

  •     I liked the book even though it was more for kids. I was just in Utah so the story ment something to me.

  •     The Landons are at a fair and they are being foster parents for two kids. The names of the two kids are Eathan and Summer. They are descendents of an Indian tribe called the Shoshone. Jack and Eathan don't get along but Summer and Ashely do. The whole family has to go to a national park called Zion National Park. They have to go there because Olivia has to help the park people with the problems they are having with the horses. The MUSTANGS! While in the park for the weeklong stay they meet some friends Art and Gus. Art and Gus invite Olivia to come on a night mustang catch by the water whole. Jack, Ashely, Summer, Eathan, and Steven all come too. They set up a trap around the water whole to catch a few mustangs to run tests on them. After a while a group of horses come and don't know what all the stuff is around the whole. When every thing is going right Eathan runs out and screams at the horses to tell them to run. All the horses are scattering and one turns and starts to run at them in the bush. Olivia says it won't run into them but it does and it rears up and when coming down it almost crushes Ashelys skull, but Jack runs and saves her! Art and Gus stay there the rest of the night and catch 2 horses. The next day Eathan, Steven and Jack pack up to go on a hike up in the Narrows. While they are walking in a creek with waist deep water the water turns brown and sticks start hitting them! Something goes wrong! If you want to find out what happens read the book. I thought this book was very exiting and it is a kind of wilderness adventure. I thought it was a good book. I thought it was a good book because it had a lot of cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. I would recommend this book to people that like the outdoors and adventures. Austin Muller

  •     My son is an avid reader, a fifth grader who LOVES to read. He picked this book to do a genre book report on mysteries. He found this book pretty boring and confusing. He has not read any other of the books in the series, so that could be part of the issue. However, he has never reported not liking a book before.


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