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Wherever I Go, There I Am (Alexandra Rambles On!)

Press:Tricycle Pr Tricycle Press (March 1, 2004)
Author Name:Salmansohn, Karen


Alexandra Rambles On! Book #3 Wherever I Go, There I Am Karen Salmansohn  The train is now stopping. 
Time to unboard.
And this is what I hope for—to be UNBORED.
At 12 8/12 ths, Alexandra is sure she’s old enough to handle scary movies and a solo trip to New York City (woooo-hoooo!).
In fact, these are just the sort of adventures she’s longed for and dreamed about.
So why is the best part of seeing Psycho Killer on Hillton Lane the time afterward, when Mom tucks her into bed? And what’s up with realizing, when stuck in Crazy Aunt Carol’s apartment instead of out seeing the sights, that adventures can be anywhere if you just know how to look for ’em? A third funny entry in this emotionally right-’tween-the-eyes series.

From the Publisher

"Designed like a journal with cartoon drawings, bright colors, and hand-lettered text, this title is bound to please the preadolescent set." —School Library Journal on Oh, and Another Thing… (Book #2) One Puppy, Three Tales (Book #1) is a Scholastic Book Club  selection

About the Author

New Yorker Karen Salmansohn is the best-selling author of lots of books for adults including How to Be Happy, Dammit as well as two other Alexandra titles. 
Also by Karen Salmansohn: One Puppy, Three Tales WRM1 • ISBN 1-58246-044-2 Oh, and Another Thing WRM2 • ISBN 1-58246-045-0


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