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Which Way, Dude? Jake Goes Bananas #2 (Adventure Time)

Press: Price Stern Sloan (December 26, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-9
Author Name:Unknown


There are so many things to do in the Land of Ooo that sometimes the characters need a little help. 
This 128-page book features a multi-path story with riddles, puzzles, and codes that allow the reader to alter the characters’ paths and lead them on many different adventures.


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  •     my 12 yr old is a big fan of AT and these books helps him decide the various outcomes he choses to read so he can read it over and over and the ending would be different!

  •     A+

  •     Our 3rd grader absolutely devoured this book in about 2 hours. It's an interactive choose the story line book and has fun activities along the way.

  •     So happy to work on completing my collection

  •     My 10 year old grandaughter loves these Adventure Time books. I say that if a book will keep a child reading and it's not inappropriate, then it's a good thing. She then always wants to share with me. I am very pleased.

  •     Short silly, choose your own adventure book, bought as a gift

  •     My sons loves theses adventure time books, I enjoy look through them as well as we bother love the show.

  •     My son is totally into Adventure Time. When I decided to purchase this book, I was looking for a light easy fun read for him to show him I encouraged reading, but not overwhelming him with a "heavy" read.I have found, for my son, this book was a great way to reward him for staying focused and making Principles List at school! What better way to reward than with a book (video games just rot their brains in my opinion).

  •     My grand son really like the series of these books. Sits and reads a lot it keeps him very busy that's is hard to do but these books do the trick.Thank youLee

  •     Good book, multiple endings book so it can be read more than once. My 12 year old son loves it. Cheapest price with Amazon Prime.

  •     Terrible knock off of the originals


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