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Otter Chaos - The Dam Busters (Awesome Animals)

Press: HarperCollins Children's Books (July 4, 2013)
Author Name:Broad, Michael


From the award-winning author of Space Mutts comes the second otterly chaotic title! Part of the Awesome Animals range - the funniest fiction staring the wildest wildlife! There's a new family on the river...the beavers. 
And they're ruining everything for the Otters.
The beavers' big fat dam has blocked up the river and worse...it's stopped their supply of delicious crayfish! Something must be done! It seems like things can't get any worse for our otters until they discover a mountain lion has also moved in.
Can the riverside families overcome their differences to scare off this hungry-looking foe?

About the Author

Michael Broad lives in Surrey with a big black dog called Bella who likes to drop toys at his feet while he's writing or drawing and then waits for him to get up and trip over them. 
Michael studied illustration at Portsmouth University, earning 1st Class Honors, and after brief detours in film and animation he now works solely on writing and illustrating books for children of all ages.
His picture books include Scaredy Cat and Boo! which was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal.
He also writes young fiction series like The Unbelievable Adventures of Jake Cake, of which the first book, The Werewolf Teacher, was shortlisted for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize and the Nottingham Children's Book Award.
Michael has a particular interest in writing for reluctant readers, having been one himself, so he tries to pack as much adventure into as few words as possible, and then throws in oodles of illustrations! When he's not writing or drawing, which is hardly ever because it's so much fun, Michael likes long walks with Bella, drinking whole pots of tea and painting big canvasses.


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