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The Joke Book

Press: Random House Books for Young Readers (August 12, 1979)
Author Name:Roy McKie


in full color.
"Kids will undoubtedly memorize the knock-knocks, riddles, one-liners and other gems."--Publishers Weekly.  From the Trade Paperback edition.


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  •     This book made my 6-year-old reluctant reader whine when I told him he had to stop reading for dinner. That was a first! "Which months have 24 days?..... They ALL do!" "What did the ocean say to the shore? .... Nothing, it just waved!" There are only a few jokes on each page, with illustrations, so the text isn't overwhelming.

  •     bought for granddaughter it was alright

  •     This book is super corney but perfect for a 5 or 6 year old who wants to learn jokes. I loved this book when I was my son's age and he loves it too. He has already memorized most of the jokes so I read the jokes and he says the punchlines. It was so fun to read it with him the first time and all the memories came back from when I was a kid. I remembered all the jokes too!

  •     "The Joke Book" is full of cute, funny jokes for young children. My 5-year old giggles hysterically when she hears jokes such as: "Why do elephants have so many wrinkles?" Answer? "Have you ever tried to iron one?" The illustrations are busy-lots for children to look at and comment on. All in all, this is a fabulously funny book for kids!


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