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The Hungry Ghost of Rue Orleans

Press: Random House Books for Young Readers (September 27, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-9
Author Name:Quattlebaum, Mary; Castelao, Patricia;


Who's afraid of Fred the ghost? Unfortunately, no one!Fred the ghost is perfectly happy haunting his lonely old New Orleans house until Pierre and his daughter Marie move in and turn the house into . 
(horrors!) .
a restaurant.
They clean up his beloved dust.
They fix the house's squeaks and leaks.
And as much as Fred clanks and groans and haunts and moans, not one single diner is scared away.
In fact, no one even notices him.
Is it time for Fred to find a new home?A hungry ghost in more ways than one, Fred satisfies develops a taste for friendship—and beignets—in this deliciously satisfying New Orleans tale.

About the Author

MARY QUATTLEBAUM is the author of fifteen children's novels, picture books, and books of poetry, including Jackson Jones and the Puddle of Thorns, Grover G. 
Graham and Me, Sparks Fly High, and Winter Friends, which have garnered starred reviews and awards such as the Marguerite de Angeli Prize, Parenting Reading Magic Award, Sugarman Award, Bank Street Best Book, and inclusion on numerous state children's choice lists.  She writes frequently for the Washington Post, reviews children's books for Washington Parent, and teaches creative writing.
Mary shares her home in Washington, D.C., with her family and elderly dog but, alas, no puff-eating ghost.


Children's Books,Holidays & Celebrations,Halloween,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Spine-Chilling Horror

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  •     The characters are funny and quirky. The New Orleans setting is spot on. And the illustrations work well with the text. Children--and their parents--will want to read this one again and again.

  •     We love Fred the Ghost! He likes things messy (us, too!), can't resist a tasty treat (ditto), and he, um, doesn't necessarily like to share (hmmm). This satisfying story with its warm, expressive illustrations is a delight to read again and again.Just right for ages 3-5 and even older -- boys and girls -- especially those who, like mine, like to lend a hand in the family kitchen. Might even inspire some homemade ghostly goodies. As for fellow foodie adult readers, the restaurant setting complete with its own pompous critic is a real treat.Keeping our copy and will likely pair another with a child's chef hat or apron and whisk for a "theme" Christmas gift. Sweet!

  •     The Hungry Ghost of Rue Orleans is one of my kids' favorite new picture books. My daughter loves Fred, the frustrated but friendly ghost, and Marie, the child who helps him, while my son loves all the food - especially the crawfish flying through the air - Whoosh, Whoosh! The illustrations are gorgeous, giving a real New Orleans feel to The Hungry Ghost restaurant and making the kids want to try, along with all the real food, "Powdered Ghost Puffs." I think kids of all ages will enjoy this book because it's humorous, suspenseful and has a very sastisfying end (which not all picture books do these days.)

  •     I love picture books that focus on a particular city (Paris, Venice, etc.) and New Orleans is one of my favorites. "The Hungry Ghost of Rue Orleans" is a "sweet and spicy" tale whose illustrations make you swear you can hear the music and inhale the scents. Read this book, and as they say in New Orleans, "let the good times roll!"

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