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April Foolishness

Press:Albert Whitman & Company Albert Whitman (2004)
Publication Date:2004-01-01
Author Name:Teresa Bateman


It's a spring morning on the farm. 
Grandpa is fixing breakfast for his visiting grandkids.
Suddenly his grandson reports that the cows have got loose! He thinks Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose!

From Booklist

*Starred Review* K-Gr. 
The writer and illustrator of Farm Flu (2001) join forces for a new farm story.
This one celebrates April Fool's Day with a suitable "gotcha" ending and plenty of fun along the way.
Visiting their grandparents' farm, two children take turns running indoors to tell their grandpa of a string of catastrophes: the cows are loose, the pigs broke the gate, the goats are stampeding.
Grandpa greets each revelation with remarkable equanimity and continues to fix his breakfast.
When he confides to Grandma that the kids' news bulletins are April foolery, she tells him that April Fool's Day is tomorrow, setting him up to fall for their pranks.
Though picture-book creators are often warned against writing in rhymed couplets--and for good reason--Bateman's verse prances along in a pleasing way, never sounding a false note or tripping over its metric feet.
Bright with colorful washes, Westcott's ink drawings illustrate the action with equal lightness and grace.
Older children may observe parallels between the children's tales and Grandpa's actions.
When told that the pigs are loose, he reaches for the bacon.
Hearing of the sheep's escape, he pulls on his wool sweater.
Zany and inventive, the artwork amplifies the story's humor.
A great choice for storytime on April Fool's Day or anytime.
Carolyn PhelanCopyright © American Library Association.
All rights reserved

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"Zany and inventive, the artwork amplifies the story's humor."Booklist, Starred Review"Wake up a storytime about farm life or save this one for April foolishness."School Library Journal

From the Inside Flap

It's a spring morning on the farm. 
Grandpa is fixing breakfast for his visiting grandkids.
Suddenly his grandson reports that the cows have got loose! He thinks Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose!

About the Author

Teresa Bateman has won both the Storytelling World Award and the Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award. 
Her books include Traveling Tom and the Leprechaun, which Booklist called "an enjoyable tale, touched with wit and irony." She lives in Tacoma, Washington.Nadine Bernard Westcott is the illustrator of many popular books for children.


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  •     This book is short, which is great when you are running late for bedtime. More importantly, it's a lot of fun. The basic story is of the grandkids trying to scare Grandpa that all the animals have gone crazy on the farm. Grandpa, knowing that it's Aprill Fool's Day, makes the appropriate concerned noises, but his actions clearly show he is not fooled. That is, he is not fooled until a very smart Grandma tells him April Fool's Day is tomorrow. He runs out in a panic and she gets to enjoy the breakfast he made for himself before letting loose with a cheery, "April Fools." Needless to say, Grandpa looks very sheepish at the end while Grandma and the grandkids look quite pleased with themselves.The text is simple and rhymes, which makes it enjoyable to read aloud. The illustrations are hysterical (sheep sunning themselves on beach chairs while listening to an iPod or goats wearing clothes from the laudry line are just a couple of examples) and I laugh right along with my 3 and 6 year old boys when I see them. I have read the book several times and it doesn't get tiresome. Definitely money well spent.

  •     Excellent!

  •     SUMMARY: Grandma is excited because the grandkids are coming over and it is April Fools Day. While Grandpa is fixing himself breakfast, brother and sister come in to tell him about one calamity after another happening out in the barnyard. Grandpa does not take them seriously because he assumes they are playing April fools jokes on him. But Grandma gets the last laugh.ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations are brightly colored, lively and fun. There are funny little details here and there that are a delight to discover.THE GOOD: This was a very cleverly told story. You think one thing is happening in the story and then find out in the end that something completely different is going on.THE NOT AS GOOD: A note for vegans: As the children warn Grandpa about each animal problem, he makes a breakfast item coming from that animal (such as bacon while being warned about the pigs). Some of the irony and humor may go over the youngest children's heads.AGE RECOMMENDATION: Age 4-7

  •     Sent this to my 6 year-old granddaughter and she loved it.

  •     Product arrived as described

  •     Excellent condition new and very happy

  •     did not like

  •     This is one of my personal favorite books to read to my child. The book is just really cute and fun.

  •     The story begins with grandchildren playing in Grandpa and Grandma's barnyard. Suddenly, they come running in the house. "Grandpa, oh, Grandpa! The cows have got loose. I think Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose!""Grandpa, oh, Grandpa! The pigs broke the gate! They're in the tomatoes! Oh, hurry - don't wait!"Grandpa is not worried because he knows it's April Fool's Day. That is, until Grandma steps in with the best joke of all.This book is humorous and educational. It subtly shows children that farm animals provide things such as milk, eggs, bacon, wool, and cheese. It is a fun book with amusing, action packed illustrations. As a grandparent, I appreciate that "April Foolishness" shows that grandparents can be young at heart, have a sense of humor, and be lots of fun.Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa

  •     The grandkids are visiting Grandma and Grandpa on their farm. Grandpa is fixing breakfast for everyone when suddenly his grandson bursts into the kitchen shouting "The cows have got loose! I think Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose!" But Grandpa doesn't respond to the news -- he just calmly pours himself a glass of milk. Grandpa is so relaxed because its April Fools' Day and the children are playing tricks! Then Grandma steps in with a trick of her own!! In creating her lyrical text for April Foolishness, author Teresa Bateman draws upon her own experiences growing up on a farm and creates a story to which Nadine Westcott's lively illustrations are a perfect complement.

  •     Supper cute story! Great for April Fools day.

  •     Love the illustrations and the silly text. A few of my students caught on to the visual jokes. It's a fun read.

  •     This book will have adults chuckling. I think that some of the details of the story will go over a child's head but they will enjoy it anyways! It is April Fool's Day and Grandpa is cooking his breakfast. His two grandchildren keep coming in telling him that the animals are loose. For e.g. the pigs are loose and eating tomatoes. After each "telling" Grandpa says "Imagine" and uses the product from that animal so when it is the pigs, he retrieves the bacon from the fridge and cooks it. VERY cleverly told!Grandpa knows that it is April Fool's Day so that is why he is not rushing out to check on the animals but Grandma gets him good and proper! Hee Hee!Well-written with amusing illustrations. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  •     My 5 year old granddaughter loves this book


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