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The Mother's Day Mice

Press:Houghton Mifflin HMH Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (April 18, 1988)
Publication Date:1988-4
Author Name:Bunting, Eve/ Brett, Jan (ILT)


It's Mother's Day and the three mouse brothers, Biggest, Middle, and Little, have only a short time to get their presents.

From School Library Journal

PreSchool-Grade 2 A story for Mother's Day, for spring, for any day. 
Three mouse brothers, clad in bright plaid shirts and lederhosen, leave their snug cottage, intent upon finding the perfect gifts for their mother.
Their early morning search is filled with dangers: a snake hidden in the thick underbush, a fox running by.
However, the mice are brave, and hand-in-tail, they traipse through brush and briars to find their presents.
In the end, it is Little Mouse, returning empty-handed, who has the best surprise of all: a song.
The perspective is from a mouse's vantage point: toadstools and ferns seem like trees; a ripe, juicy strawberry is so big that Middle Mouse can barely carry his gift in his two arms; a dandelion fluff ball towers over Biggest Mouse.
Through deft, simple lines, Brett captures the brothers' fear, their enjoyment of the sights, smells and sounds of their world and finally, their sheer delight at finding just the right gifts for their appreciative mother.
The finely honed details, the soft colors, the expressions of love and sharing make this a story that is as fresh and harmonious as Little Mouse's song.
Trev Jones, "School Library Journal"Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

--This text refers to the Audible Audio Edition edition.


"Brett's illustrations capture the awakening of nature on a warm spring morning, as well as the love shared by a mother and her sons." SLJ Best Books of the Year

About the Author

EVE BUNTING has written over two hundred books for children, including the Caldecott Medal-winning Smoky Night, illustrated by David Diaz, The Wall, Fly Away Home, and Train to Somewhere. 
She lives in Southern California.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     The Mother's Day Mice was one of the first books I ever read. My mother would always ask me to check it out from the library to bring home for her to read! The book quickly becomes a family favorite as it moves and enlightens children and adults alike. Hopefully you will make it an addition to your child's collection as well. You won't regret it as the story remains timeless. Sometimes the simplicity of a mice family can renew our sense of love and responsibility to our own cherished family members. Most of all, it brings a positive addition to any Mother's Day celebration.

  •     I love Eve Bunting books! It's a great story and wonderful for kids. Awesome illustrations to go along with the story.

  •     I thought that this story is an excellent story for young children and their mothers to read together. This story about three, cute little mice is precious. They want to find the perfect present for their mother. The Little Mouse is the sweetest character I have read about in a while. They pass some dangerous situations as they search the meadow for the gifts. The surprise at the end of the story will make you so happy, that'll you'd do that for your mother! The story is a very cute story to read, especially around Mother's Day. The illustrations in it are very, very well done and the mice are the cutest mice ever!

  •     The story is ok, good even - three little mice wake up early to find their mother presents for Mother's Day.

  •     O.K.

  •     Though I like the idea of this book, as well as the talent behind the illustrations, after reading this to my children and seeing their anxiety about the huge, menacing black cat...

  •     Big Mouse, Middle Mouse and Little Mouse (shades of the 3 bears) are so excited about Mother's Day that they are up two hours early. They hurry outside to find their parents.

  •     good

  •     This is another heart warming story. It shows how much love there is for family and what family will do to do something special for the people they love. The mice were searching for special gifts for Mother Mouse on Mother's day..... and Little Mouse found the most wonderful gift of all!!! I think it's a very sweet book on how much family will do for each other. It tells what the little mice had to do to get their mother their own special present for a special day.

  •     Favorite characters: Biggest Little Mouse, Middle Mouse, Little Mouse, and Mother This book is about three mice who want to each get their mother a gift for Mother's Day. Each mouse wants to get the best gift, but it ends up being the littlest mouse who gets her the most unusual gift of all. A nice book illustrated with colorful pictures that show these three little mice along their journey for presents. A nice story that shows how to share your love for your mother on Mother's Day.

  •     Really cute story with excellent illustrations.

  •     A collaboration between Eve Bunting and Jan Brett, two of my favorite authors, this is a sweet story that introduces the concept of Mother's Day at a level young children can understand. Three mice brothers wake up early on Mother's Day morning and embark on a quest, braving several predators, to obtain gifts for their mother. The eldest finds a dandelion fluffball for her to wish on; the middle finds one of the first strawberries of Spring. The youngest wants to bring her honeysuckle but is prevented by Cat, who guards Honeysuckle Cottage. In lieu of this gift, he presents an alternative one which surprises everyone.Many virtues are presented in this brief adventure: the mouse brothers are loyal to one another, brave in the face of danger, generous in their impulses, and honoring to their mother. The two eldest take responsibility for the well-being of the youngest, and the story ends with a warm family scene as Mother receives her gifts with gratitude. The illustrations are rich in detail (though not as lavish as Brett's other books) and the text (while not as brilliant as Bunting's usual work) lays out a pretty satisfying (if thinly developed) story.One unintended consequence of reading this book the week before Mother's Day was that when the big day did roll around, my three-year-old son was not to be dissuaded from a quest outdoors to bring home a gift for me. The book really did define the day for him. It might not make it into the regular reading basket, but as a special holiday book it is an excellent choice.

  •     This literary treasure jump starts our ABC Mother's Book every year! Writing is a gift from the heart, so much better than something you can buy at Wal-Mart! Let kids know they have the power to give heart-warming gifts with zero funds! Enlightening and refreshing! The wish flower is another thing we use and from this book. White paint and a Q-tip and a piece of paper and kids can make wish flowers and write wishes around them! I share this book every May!!!

  •     The illustrations in this book are amazing. Each page is such a joy to look at and the story is touching.


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