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Halloween (Byron Preiss Book)

Press:Little Brown & Co Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; First Edition edition (September 1, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-9
Author Name:Seinfeld, Jerry/ Bennett, James (ILT)


So the first time you hear the concept of Halloween when you're a kid, your brain can't even understand it. 
"What is this? What did you say? Someone's giving out candy? Who's giving out candy? EVERYONE WE KNOW is giving out candy? I gotta be a part of this!"In his first picture book, comedian and bestselling author Jerry Seinfeld captures on the page his hilarious views on Halloween, from Superman costumes that look like pajamas to the agony of getting bad trick-or-treat candy.
Seinfeld's tale resonates with vivid experiences of a night every kid loves.Both kids and adults will eat up Jerry's distinct and unwritten rules of Halloween.
Hamilton King award-winning illustrator, James Bennett's outlandish illustrations perfectly depict these unique observations, reminding us why Jerry Seinfeld is still the funniest man alive.

From Publishers Weekly

According to Seinfeld (and most kids would agree), the trick-or-treating mindset involves two words: "Get candy." In this sugar-fueled nostalgia trip, a familiar-looking boy with beady eyes and a savvy smirk targets name-brand chocolate bars. 
"I'll wear anything I have to wear...
to get the candy from those fools who are so stupidly giving it away," he pants.
Seinfeld's junior doppelganger shops for a Superman costume with an uncomfortable plastic mask ("Remember the rubber band on the back of those masks? That was a quality item.
Thinnest gray rubber in the world"), and his impatient friends occasion some observational humor that adults will enjoy as much as their progeny (" `You guys, wait up!' Kids don't want other kids to wait, they want them to wait up").
Bennett, who has drawn for MAD magazine, gets Seinfeld's skeptical frown and white sneakers just right, and his visual gags complement the comic's incredulous voice.
When Mrs.
Seinfeld makes her boy wear a winter coat over his Superman outfit, the book presents a mock-heroic portrait of the Man of Steel, muscular arm punching the night sky and brown corduroy over his cape.
After the coat fiasco, young Seinfeld dresses as a nitpicky accountant, with a green visor and a filing cabinet for "chewy things," "sour things" and "rejects." This smart-alecky monologue disrespects grown-ups, apples and marshmallow peanuts - just the thing for jaded candy-chasers.
All ages.
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

From School Library Journal

Grade 2-4-Seinfeld's reminiscences of Halloweens past have an adult sensibility, a 60s' nostalgia that is not likely to appeal to today's kids. 
The story, as such, rambles terribly and the whiny narration fails to draw readers in.
Also, putting the keywords in oversized orange type-"get candy" (Seinfeld's mission), "Bing-Bong" (doorbell), "Halloween," "fantastic," etc.-is annoying.
Bennett's bright oil paintings are excellent, and the close-eyed, big-headed caricatures sport interesting perspectives that may appeal to elementary schoolers.
The coat-over-disappointing-costume dejection scene, Jerry's disdain of the ubiquitously despised Circus Peanuts, and a jaded, older Seinfeld perfunctorily demanding candy certainly capture the spirit, and greed, of the holiday and provide humorous slice-of-life glimpses.
But despite Bennett's empathic art-he draws a great Superman, Seinfeld's costume hero-the graphics can't save this meandering memory of juvenile role-playing.John Sigwald, Unger Memorial Library, Plainview, TXCopyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist

The premise is funny, and the art is fantastic.
But this picture book, copped from an old routine of Seinfeld's, still sounds as though its audience is adults.
For Seinfeld, Halloween is about the candy: getting it, getting some more, and eating it.
He'll do anything to please the "fools" who are unbelievably "GIVING AWAY CANDY." At first, his costumes are "ghost, hobo .
the worst," but he knows that someday he will be in a Superman suit, and one day he is.
Unfortunately, he's also stuck wearing his winter coat.
That particular tragedy will resonate with kids, as will Seinfeld's request that "We are going for name brand candy only." But why leave in lines like, "Remember the rubber band on the back of those masks?" For most readers that was probably last Halloween.
Bennett's artwork, seemingly done on the computer, stars a young Jerry dead ringer who is by turns sly, combative, hopeful, hungry, despondent, and funny.
The spreads are the very essence of inventiveness, as when Superman flies through the air wearing a replica of Jerry's corduroy jacket.
Forget preschoolers, this is for kids old enough to have honed their wit.
Ilene CooperCopyright © American Library Association.
All rights reserved

About the Author

Jerry Seinfeld, the Emmy award-winning comedian, writer and actor, starred for nine years in Seinfeld, one of the most acclaimed sitcoms of all time. 
He is the author of a previous #1 bestselling book for adults, Seinlanguage, and a one-man HBO special, "I'm Telling You For the Last Time." He resides in New York with his wife, Jessica, and a young daughter, Sasha.James Bennett has illustrated for many major publications, including Time, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, and Mad Magazine.
Last year he received the Hamilton King Award from the Society of Illustrators for Best Illustration of the Year.
He lives and works in Bucks County, with his wife, Susan, and their two young boys, Steven and Brett.


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  •     This cute children's book is Jerry Seinfeld's bit on Halloween and Halloween candy. If you are a Jerry fan, you will love to see the sweet illustrations. If you are a kid, you will relate. We love Jerry, so we got it just for fun and friends who come over that we show it to just love it.

  •     Hilarious book! My students love this one year after year!

  •     My kids love this book, so funny!!

  •     The book consists of what appears to be an old Seinfeld stand up routine about Halloween with illustrations. As such, it falls terribly flat.

  •     Great book!

  •     I love this book. I had bought it in the hard cover for my grand kids, and I wanted it for a professor who likes the funniness of Jerry Seinfeld. I gave it to him as a gift and he just loved it as well. My kids bring it out every Halloween and read it and laugh and laugh. It came wrapped up in a large box, but it had a little dirt on the back cover that I could not erase, but it was small; however, since it was a gift I was a little disappointed that it was not perfect.

  •     My childhood is in the pages of this book. So many memories came back when I read Jerry Seinfeld's book!

  •     A great story told in Seinfeld's own words

  •     "Collector's Edition" with NO CD. Not very collectible.

  •     If you can find this book with the cd it's a must have.

  •     An hysterical Seinfeldian take on all things Halloween-ish, including masks made with cheap staples and the thinnest rubber bands in the world, disappointing costumes, life's perceived ups and downs and, of course, candy Candy CANDY!!! I'd say this is more a book for parents than kids, more for Seinfeld fans than others, but enjoyable for all. James Bennett's illustrations are Pixar-ish and fall-down funny, filled with comic elements, sly digs and caricaturish facial expressions that perfectly capture one's imagined little Jerry.On an attached cd, the author reads/performs the book in front of a live audience. I probably would have preferred spending a few dollars less to have just the book, but it is fun to listen to Seinfeld perform the material at least once.This is a fun book-cd combination, and sure to have the family laughing together.

  •     The product description said that it was new and came with a CD, simply said neither was true! It's a great book my kids love it. But whoever sold the product to us wasn't honest with what the product condition was and it did not come with the CD, which Jerry Seinfield does a great job with!

  •     If you're a Jerry Seinfeld fan, get this! My bf thoroughly enjoys the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. As a teacher, I actually found this book in the school library. When I saw it, I immediately brought it home to show my bf. He told me he had to have a copy. So for Xmas, I purchased this for him. It is now displayed on our bookshelf in the living room. *Note, not recommended for children, unless they understand and know who Jerry Seinfeld is. It is basically his Halloween skit written into a book.

  •     I liked this book because it's funny and it will make kids and adults laugh their heads off on Jerry Seinfeld and his experience with Halloween. I read this book about a thousand times already and it never gets old with the jokes and humor. I recommend this book to anyone out there because anyone will get it if you heard about Jerry Seinfeld.

  •     Jerry nails it again with his creative and funny take on something we experienced as young humans in our culture . A fun read down memory lane for all adults who are kids at heart! Thank you!!

  •     First off I adore Seinfeld. He is an idol and that's why I bought this. Unfortunately, the kindle version (is there a paper version?) is wonky with the lettering all strange - it looks unintentional and is oddly repetitive in places where I'm sure it wasn't meant to be. And it's SUPER short. It wasn't worth the $$ for such a short romp.

  •     Loved the book but it was missing the Dvd. My son was disappointed


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