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Too Many Pumpkins

Press: Live Oak Media (NY); Pck edition (April 30, 1997)
Author Name:White, Linda; Lloyd, Megan;


With countless unwelcome pumpkins to deal with, Rebecca Estelle turns disaster into a celebration. 
One day, years and years later, white-haired Rebecca was busy not eating pumpkins when--SPLAT--a giant pumpkin fell off an overloaded truck and smashed into her yard.
She buried the mess so she wouldn't have to look at it, and, as you might imagine, she witnessed a bumper crop the following fall, "Too Many Pumpkins".

From School Library Journal

Kindergarten-Grade 3-Golden autumn hues cast their warm glow throughout this humorous harvest tale. 
Rebecca Estelle, having survived on various pumpkin dishes during her poor childhood, hates them so much that when a pumpkin accidentally falls into her yard, she shovels dirt over it so she won't have to see or think about it again.
In spite of all her efforts to the contrary, she is "rewarded" with a yard full of bright orange globes the following fall.
Not willing to let the windfall go to waste, she once again prepares the dishes she detested as a child, carves jack-o-lanterns from the remaining pile, and then thoroughly enjoys the fellowship of her neighbors lured by the glow of the mischievous carvings.
And, of course, Rebecca Estelle saves seeds for next year's planting.
Lloyd snuggles White's text into her rich watercolor-and-pen illustrations.
Nature's determined bounty spills from formal borders and is tinged with just the right touch of realism to contrast with the cartoonlike Rebecca Estelle and her feline companion.
The vocabulary and sentence structure calls for solid independent readers, but the large horizontal format packed with engaging fun makes this title an ideal harvest/Halloween read-aloud.Claudia Cooper, Ft.
Stockton Independent School District, TXCopyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist

Ages 4^-7. 
Rebecca Estelle hates pumpkins.
As a poor child, she ate them all the time.
The last thing she wants to do is grow them; but a huge pumpkin falls off a truck, spilling its seeds, and the next fall, she has pumpkins.
Lots of them.
The fun comes in watching this sprightly woman deal with her orange nemesis.
She decides she'd better bake, and so she does until her kitchen is packed with pumpkin pies, bread, puddings, muffins--then she has to get the goodies out of her house.
She carves the rest of the pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns that light the way for the neighbors.
Soon everything is gone except for a few pumpkin seeds, which Rebecca Estelle decides to plant after all.
The story and art brim with life and laughter, just as the kitchen spills over with treats.
Rebecca Estelle comes across as very real: cranky, generous, and willing to make the best of a bad situation.
An excellent fall read-aloud.
Ilene Cooper


A fine harvest and Halloween story. 
--Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Megan Lloyd illustrated Too Many Pumpkins, and Too Many Turkeys. 
Lloyd lives in Pennsylvania.Linda White is the author of Too Many Pumpkins and Too Many Turkeys.
White lives in Colorado.

From AudioFile

An eccentric old lady really hates pumpkins, so you can imagine her dismay when a veritable field grows in her yard. 
Finding them too heavy to give away, she cooks them into bread.
Then she lures the townspeople in.
The choice of a male narrator is puzzling because the entire story is from a woman's point of view.
The narrator raises his voice to a squeaky pitch when she expresses dismay.
His voice is more suited to the parts of the male townspeople who visit.
There are clear page-turning signals, and the orange tape makes it easy for young children to match it to the book.
(c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     A favorite story for all my grandchildren....no matter what season! The illustrations in this book are terrific, so clear and colors beautiful. Darling story with lesson in the joy of sharing!

  •     One of my favorite books ever.

  •     Really cute story; easy transaction.

  •     A fun holiday story we really enjoy. A halloween book with no scary parts, always a hit :)

  •     This is a really cute book to read in the fall. My 7 year old loves it.

  •     One of my favorite books to share with my library classes during October

  •     This is a wonderful kids book. My grandkids ask for it every time they come over. I actually had to buy a second copy when we couldn't find it.It teaches how she overcame her overwhelming dislike of pumpkins by using them to finally meet her neighbors and enjoy Halloween.

  •     My class loved it. Great uses for pumpkins

  •     I'm an elementary school teacher and this book is one my all-time favorite fall read alouds.

  •     There gonna love it for christmas

  •     Very satisfied!

  •     My three year old and I loved too many pumpkins. (I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.). Rebecca Estelle doesn't like pumpkins, but, when one smashes to slimey smithereens in her yard one fall (my child loves this part), she learns to make the best of a bad situation. Before purchasing I had read some reviews stating this book had "strong language." Don't worry. It's fine for toddlers. (Older children would probably like it too, but I cannot say for certain.). I hope you enjoy!

  •     Super cute book and fantastic main idea. There are a lot of various activities that can be done with this book.

  •     My elementary school aged children and my toddler all loved the fun story about Rebecca Estelle and her accidental - and much despised- pumpkin patch. We all cheered when she made good out of a seemingly negative situation.

  •     This book is amazing. A charming story that my Children loved 20 years ago and I have purchased it for many other young readers since that time.Amazon should know it was not packaged very well. Arrived with a crimped corner -- which bothered me because it was a gift. A piece of cardboard to ensure it didn't get banged up would have been a good idea.

  •     A very humorous lighthearted read for children to enjoy. A sweet story of how things in our past form attitudes we don't have to embrace. So when she is 'handed' a new 'opportunity' she decided to go after it with full energy. Loads of fun, hard work, creativity with a garden overflowing with hundreds of pumpkins brings loads of joy, warmth of friends and lots of yummy pies, breads, cookies and bags of seeds to share with the whole community. Teaches us to take a not so happy event and find the best in it.

  •     This is one of my all-time favorite books to read to 2nd and 3rd graders and grandkids in the fall. Rebeccas Estelle is one tough lady and she goes about taking care of her problem (too many pumpkins) in a way that always delights children (and me).

  •     great


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