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Amber Brown Goes Fourth

Press: Perfection Learning (October 4, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-10
Author Name:Danziger, Paula; Ross, Tony;


Amber Brown conquered third grade with her best friend moving away and chicken pox in London with her Aunt Pam. 
Now, as she prepares for fourth grade, Amber is determined to find a new best friend--and fast--but maybe the new girl at school doesn't want to be a replacement friend.

From Booklist

Amber Brown is back, her voice as funny and vulnerable as ever.
She's entering fourth grade in a panic.
Her parents are newly divorced; her best friend has moved away.
How will she cope? She doesn't win the playground burping contest, but she does make a new friend and begins, very reluctantly, to think about accepting her mother's serious boyfriend.
Better than You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown , this simple chapter book has the immediacy of the first title, Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon (1994).
Fans will recognize the mundane and the cosmic when Amber Brown goes "forth." Hazel Rochman

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Entertaining and satisfying, this is a first purchase, whether or not the rest of the series is owned.a (School Library Journal)

About the Author

Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in New York, Paula Danziger knew since second grade that she wanted to be a writer. 
Beginning her career as a teacher, Danziger taught at the junior high, high school, college levels.
She received her Masters Degree in reading and during that time she wrote her first bestselling novel, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit.
She returned to teaching, but the success of her book encouraged her to become a full-time writer.
It was non-stop for Danziger since then.
Among her titles are: the enormously popular Amber Brown books as well as Remember Me To Harold Square, The Divorce Express, and Can You Sue Your Parents For Malpractice? Danziger received numerous honors, including: Parent's Choice Awards, International Reading Association - Children's Book Council Awards, a IRA-CBC Children's Choice Award and many nominations for state reading and library association awards.
Known as a flamboyantly funny and deeply honest writer and speaker, Paula Danziger knew how to relate to young readers at their level.
She was vital, funny, and compassionate.
She knew how kids felt, what made them laugh, what they wore, collected, read, and played with.
From collecting novelty toys that would make any teacher cringe, to wearing jangly earrings, funky glasses and shoes covered with beads and sequins, Paula Danziger had a direct line into kids' hearts and funnybones.
She will be missed always.In Paula's memory, The Amber Brown Fund has been established to bring authors and illustrators to schools and libraries which otherwise could not afford them.
Donations may be sent to The Amber Brown Fund/ SCBWI Museum of Children’s Books, 8271 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

ChapterOne“You’re the kid who has to put her right shoe on before her left.” The salesman comes up to me with the foot-measuring thing.“Yup.” I nod. 
“You remember!”“How can I forget?” The salesman puts my right foot into the measurer.
“The one time I didn’t do it your way, you refused to get any shoes .
and you accused me of ruining your day .
and you threatened to report me to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Who Need to Put Their Right Shoe On Before Their Left.”I hold out my right foot and wonder why he’s acting like that’s so strange.
I’m sure that I’m not the only person in the whole entire world who likes to have some things done a certain way.
With the way my life goes, it’s nice to be sure of some things .
and I’m sure that I like to put my right shoe on before my left.
It makes me feel weird if my left shoe goes on first.
In fact, it messes up my entire day.A little kid comes over and grabs my foot, the left one.“Foot,” she says.Her mother picks her up.
“Sorry she’s bothering you.
She’s learning the names for body parts.”I’m glad that the foot is the part of the body she decided to name.All around us there are kids .
trying on shoes .
blowing up balloons .
yelling, “I want those”; “I hate those.”One kid is throwing a temper tantrum because his mother won’t buy him sandals for school.The salesman continues, “And you’ve got that very colorful name.”I sigh.My mother looks at her watch.He thinks for a minute.
“Ebony Black.
No, that’s not it.
Pearl White.
No.”“AMBER BROWN,” I remind him, “and I don’t like to be teased about it.”“Isn’t there another family that you always come in with to buy shoes for the new school year?” he asks.
“With two little boys, one about your age?”“They’ve moved away,” my mother says softly.All of a sudden, I get this empty feeling inside of me.This will be the first time in my life that I’ll be starting school without my best friend, Justin Daniels.I try not to think about it.I’ve been trying not to think about it all summer, especially since I got back from England with my aunt Pam.My mother puts her hand on mine.
“She’d like to see the sneakers with the rhinestones on them.”The man puts down the measurer and looks up information on a card file.
“She’s grown.
Up another shoe size.
Oh, well .
it could have been worse.
She could have grown another foot.
Then you’d have to buy three shoes.” He laughs at his own joke.
“Just a little shoe-business humor.”As he goes to the back of the store, he sings, “There’s no business like shoe business.”I look at my mother.She looks at me and shrugs.
“The shoes are good quality and cheaper here than the other store.
I know he drives you nuts .
but think what you would be like if you had to be with children and their feet all day.”“It would be a real feat.” I giggle.“You would have to put your heart into it, body and soles.”We both start to laugh.By the time the guy comes back, my mother and I are both singing, “There’s no business like shoe business.”He joins in.I try on my new shoes.They’re perfect.

--This text refers to the Paperback edition.


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  •     In the book, Amber Brown Goes Fourth, Amber doesn't like her mother because her dad and mom got seperated. Amber's dad went to France and her mother stayed with her. Also, her mom got a boyfirend named Max. They have been dating for a year. Amber loves to make her dad a diary. She created it. She also made a diary for her mom.One of my favorite parts of the book is when Amber Brown and her dad play the kising game. When ever someone stops kissing on the phone, loses! Amber Brown Goes Fourth is a really good book because when I first got the book I was in love with the book. It is a very touching book. I recommend reading this book because when you hold this book and you let it go, you will want to pick it up again and again.

  •     great book, great service

  •     Couldn't wait to finish this book. (8 yr. old girl)

  •     Kids love this book!

  •     It is as if Ms.Danziger was a fourth grader when she wrote it. Right on.

  •     My daughter is really enjoying the Amber Brown series.

  •     I bought this title to add to my 'Grandma Library.' I have several Amber Brown books. One of my granddaughters is in the third grade and really enjoys reading the independent and confident spirt of the title character!

  •     Part of the Amber Brown series. Great series for girls, age 3-7. Bought for my niece, and she absolutely adored it. Definitely recommend.

  •     As advertised

  •     love it!!!

  •     Kids enjoyed the book

  •     My 6 year old loved Amber Brown. Her only issue was that there was cursive writing as part of the dialogue in the book. She is in first grade and only knows a little bit of cursive. We just read those parts together. I liked that it made learning cursive important to her. :)

  •     If you like Amber Brown, you will like this book. I haven't read many other A.B. books, infact, the only ones I can remember reading are Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon and You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown. In this chapter book, Amber(the girl with the colorful name and the need to put her right shoe on first), must go forth to a new school year without her friend Justin for the first time in I *think* 6 years. It's tough making new friends and Hannah Burton is still a snob. And if that's not bad enough, Amber has to put up with her Mom's new boyfriend, whom she has never met and never wishes to. She is still fantasizing about her parents getting back together. However, at the end of the story, Amber concludes that she can't change things, but must learn to live with them. This book has it's moments. It's funny, it's fresh and it's way too short! :P Maybe it's just me. Cute.

  •     I only like the the book because I thought it would be different from what it is. It didn't have a main focus that I could identify. The cover doesn't explain much either. It's about a nine year old girl who's best friend moved away. She has to find a new best friend. She disscovers a new fact about the new best friend.(I'm not telling you who the new best friend is so that you will read the book!)I hope you like the book when you read it. Happy reading!

  •     This book is about a girl named Amber Brown. Amber Brown has to go to fourth grade without her best friend Justin. Justin has moved and Amber is worried. Amber does not want to go to fourth grade because everyone has a best friend except for her. I would give this book 5 stars because this story could be about anyone who has ever had a best friend.I really enjoyed this book and hopefully you will to. It's like running down a football field and wondering if you're going to get to the goal line. This is the best book ever! Read Amber Brown Goes Fourth by Paula Danziger today!

  •     The Amber Brown series is a hit with my daughter. She re-reads them asking new questions with each pass. I love that we can talk about what happens and that she is comprehending as she flies through the series.

  •     ISBN 0590934252 - Danziger's career spanned several decades, including my childhood, when I first discovered her. That history does increase my fondness for Amber Brown, but I'd decided to like this girl even before I realized who the author was.Amber's heading into fourth grade without some very important people. Her best friend, Justin, has moved away and her father is living in Paris since her parents separated. Fourth grade is going to be hard enough but without a best friend it's going to be lonely too. Looming in the background is her mother's new boyfriend, Max - a man Amber hasn't met and has no interest in meeting any time soon. Right now, her primary focus is on finding a new best friend.I'm really impressed that this book (and the other Amber Brown books, I assume) is so very realistic. Parents divorce and some, like Amber's, can remain civil, at least in front of the kids. Friends move away, and friends fight. Those things aren't happy, good things, but they're real and the way Amber and her friends and family deal with them sends a nice message to the young reader. It's also nice to see that Amber grows at a normal pace unlike some series where the main character stays 10 forever. Danziger's death has left a hole in children's literature but I, for one, am just glad Amber Brown lives on.- AnnaLovesBooks

  •     I purchased this book for my granddaughter who just started the 4th grade and she really enjoyed the book.


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