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I Love My Papi (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Dora the Explorer Ready-To-Read (Pb))

Press: Turtleback (May 1, 2004)
Author Name:Inches, A.


Dora and her Papi play baseball, go to the beach, read books, and do lots of other fun things together.


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  •     Dora is my daughter's favorite. Thank GOD for these books because it encourages her to read! She's 3 years old and can read any word that you point out to her. My lil reader loves these books!

  •     My daughter loves this book!

  •     good book for my girl to read to me, she loves reading and dora is one of her favs so she will try to stay up late just to read me a story

  •     I really do not like stories where the words are replaced by pictures. This really does not work well when you are reading this on a tablet (we have the kindle edition) because...

  •     Great book for toddlers

  •     I purchased this book for my daughter through my iPhone but it was never downloaded to my kindle fire.

  •     It's not as good as I Love My Mami but my daughter likes it. It is a bit sexist toward males, as it pushes gender roles that fathers are "supposed" to fill. He coaches her team, teaches her sports and takes her sailing but my family doesn't participate in those kinds of things. It does show him reading her a book before bed and taking her to the circus, but the Mami one is more realistic in that she accompanies her to work and they go to the park afterward. It's cute but you have to decide if you want to set those constraints as to what a father is "supposed" to be.

  •     Our grand kids loved it, and Papi enjoyed reading it to them. it's a really sweet book. Definitely recommend it.

  •     My daughter enjoyed this book. A good read to all kids. Excellent illustration and amazing writing. This is must read.

  •     I Love My Papi! is a Ready-to-Read Level 1 book which features simple stories, increased vocabulary, and longer sentences. Many of the words in this story are replaced with pictures that has the word below it in a smaller font.This wonderful story follows Dora and her Papi to places like the soccer field, a sailboat, the beach, and a circus. Dora tells how her father taught her to kick a soccer ball, swing a baseball bat, and slide into home--as well as how he coaches her baseball team, rides bikes with her, teaches her to bake, and so on. This super Dad even made Dora a tire swing ("he can make anything with tools!", she exclaims), and still has the time to tuck into bed every night and read her a bedtime story.This is a great book that celebrates the time spent between a father and his daughter. Aided by pictographs, young readers (approximately ages 4-8) will learn to recognize words like books, animals, cake, sandwiches, bikes, beach, sandcastles, popcorn, circus, Boots, and more.

  •     this is a very cute book. the text is simple to read with pictures for harder words. the text encourages reading skills. the pictures are bright and colorful. the book describes all the fun things that dora does with her papi.

  •     My kids enjoy it. The beginning reader will enjoy some little pictures in the place of words (such as Papi and strawberry)!

  •     My kid likes it


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