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The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose

Press:Houghton Mifflin HMH Books for Young Readers; 1st Edition edition (May 9, 1996)
Author Name:Deem, James M.


Christina Rose has believed in ghosts ever since she saw one as a child. 
Now that her family has moved to a supposedly haunted house, she's ready to do some ghost hunting and forms a club with her brother and the boy next door.

From Booklist

When twins Christina and Danny and their father move to California to make a fresh start following the mother's death, the new house feels haunted and the neighbors (a psychic, her son, and a professor of the paranormal) seem a bit odd.
Christina fears her mother's ghost (who has appeared to her in the past) may be angry with the family for resettling.
The professor urges all to record exactly what they see and hear so that the evidence can be evaluated.
The author's explanation (Danny's anger at leaving his dog behind creates a force field that causes poltergeist activities) may disappoint some hoping for a grislier scenario, but Deem wisely leaves several loose ends for readers to ponder.
The inclusion of some Christina Rossetti poetry and the generally humorous tone are added bonuses for a title that will be a popular choice with ghost story fans.
Kay Weisman

From Kirkus Reviews

Many years after their mother is killed in a plane crash, Christina and her twin brother, Dan, move with their father from the suburbs of New York City to a sleepy little town in California. 
Their new home, a ramshackle Victorian, seems to be haunted--but by whom? Christina, who believes that her mother's ghost has visited her, is obsessed by the supernatural; her first-person narration takes the form of a journal on ghost-hunting, the place where she dutifully records every incident that occurs and every story she hears.
Christina's self-conscious reporting, complete with footnotes and asides, marks the beginning of the problems in this book; the characterizations of the three leads--Christina, Dan, and a new friend, Roberto--are indistinguishable and the posturing of the adults strains credibility.
Worst of all, Deem (3 NBs of Julian Drew, 1994, etc.) fudges the issue of the hauntings, which will frustrate readers who have stayed with the book to find out the ``very real'' truth about Christina Rose.
8-12) -- Copyright ©1996, Kirkus Associates, LP.
All rights reserved.


"The girl's first-person narrative is lively and filled with humor. 
As she tells her tale, she also records ghost stories told by her friends and family.
.Children will relish this book for the ghost stories, which all fit smoothly into the narrative." School Library Journal

From the Inside Flap

Ten-year-old Christina Rose is convinced she has "Ghost Radar," meaning she can sense when ghosts are nearby. 
Not fake, creepy movie ghosts, but REAL ghosts.
Like the ghost of her mother, who died in a plane crash when Christina was only 3.
Christina knows her mother's spirit came to visit her the night of the accident, but nobody believes her.Now Christina and her family have moved from New York to North Klondike, California, and more strange things are happening.
Christina's next-door neighbor and new best friend Roberto Wing is convinced the Roses' house is haunted by not one but two very scary ghosts.
So Christina, her twin brother Danny, and Roberto form a ghost-hunters' club, determined to uncover the truth behind the bizarre happenings.
As they investigate, they realize that everyone has a real ghost story to share--some funny, some foolish, and some quite frightening.

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About the Author

James M. 
Deem is the author of numerous books for young readers, including 3 NB of Julian Drew, Bodies from the Ice: Melting Glaciers and the Rediscovery of the Past, and Faces From the Past.
Deem lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

My name is Christina Rose and I believe in ghosts. 
Not all those fake scary movie ghosts or book ghosts with cleavers and chainsaws and waxy dead eyes, but regular REAL ghosts.
The kind that just watch you from the corners of your room.
The kind that wait until you catch a glimpse of them.
The kind that are lonely and miss you and just want to be loved.Please don't start thinking that I'm crazy or weird.
I never would have written any of this three weeks ago because I didn't think that ghosts were anybody's business--except my own.
It's just that we moved, and a few things happened in our new house in our new town.
A few things that got me to change my mind.
Professor Barrymore said to write it all down, so everyone could know about my very own poltergeist.
But I can't just start with that story.
Ghosts are much more complicated than that.
I have to start at the beginning, a long time ago, with another ghost story.A real ghost story.


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  •     great book! the author used many great tricks and it was entertaining. I couldn't put it down! it was funny and made me believe in ghosts

  •     When 10-year-old Christina Rose and her family (her father and twin brother, Danny) move to North Klondike, California, from New York, she wasn't expecting to move into a haunted house--or have her mother's ghost follow them. So, being a somewhat eccentric child (she claims to have Ghost Radar), Christina starts a ghost club called Ghost Hunters I.N.K. (In North Klondike) and sets out to uncover the truth about the unexplained events in her new house, with the help of her neighbors: Roberto Wing, his psychic mother, and Professor Imogen Barrymore, a parapsychologist."The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose" is a great book for preteens who are into the paranormal. It doesn't rely heavily on overused ideas about ghosts, such as white sheets, moaning noises, or murderous spirits. Instead, Christina documents "real" ghost stories, as told from her friends and family--with black and white illustrations--to make the book seem more believable.

  •     The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose is about a girl named Christina and her twin brother Danny. Christina and Danny's mom died in a plane crash when they were only three years old. Christina, Danny, and their dad move from their old home in New York to a pink house in California. Christina thinks about ghosts a lot. Many strange things happen and Christina thinks they are being caused by ghosts. I liked this book because it involves ghosts. I also like this book because I like the characters' personalities. The message the author is trying to share is that when you have troubles, you can get over them. I think this because Christina has lots of troubles but she gives them time and she talks them out with friends and family so she can get over them.

  •     This was such a good book, that I couldn't put it down. It was very well written, except for the very end. It stopped such abruptly that I wondered if there was another part to the story. Still, I recommend this book, and I do think that there should be a second "Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose".


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