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Julep O' Toole: Confessions of a Middle Child

Press:Penguin USA Dutton Juvenile; New edition edition (September 22, 2005)
Author Name:Trueit, Trudi Strain


Stuck between her colorful siblings like egg salad on pumpernickel— which, by the way, you should never eat right before PE class—Julep feels squashed and invisible. 
Then the most popular girl at school invites her to the biggest party of the year.
Julep can hardly believe it.
Finally, her chance to see and be seen! But a disastrous event forces her to choose between the popular girl she longs to be and the plain old middle child others need her to be.
.Will Julep get her chance to shine, or is she doomed to be Invisible Girl forever? Trudi Trueit introduces an endearing new character whose hilarious hijinks, snappy dialogue, and inner angst are sure to win hearts everywhere.

From Booklist

Eleven-year-old Julep feels invisible.
At home, sandwiched between perfect older sister, Harmony, and obnoxious younger brother, Cooper, she is only noticed when her parents want something from her--such as when they want her to trade her nice, uncarpeted bedroom for asthmatic Cooper's disgusting one (aka the Chicken Coop), with its dirty carpet and "snot green" walls.
At school, Julep gets attention, but not the kind she wants: her journal is read over the loudspeaker and she barfs in gym.
Just when things finally begin to look up, Cooper suffers a severe asthma attack.
Julep's sporadically incorporated, acronym-peppered journal entries occasionally seem superfluous to the story, but the third-person narrative, filled with details that readers will relate to, sympathetically portrays Julep's progression from passive and wishful to proactive and appreciative.
The heavy-handed message notwithstanding, this is still an entertaining read.
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An entertaining read. 
-- Booklist

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About the Author

Trudi Trueit lives in Washington.


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  •     Why does everyone think that being the middle child is the hardest thing that will and can ever happen to a child. Thanks to this book, my daughter who is a middle child now feels obliged to act like we ignore her and she is invisible. Thanks Julep!

  •     Julep makes you laugh from beginning to end! I love the part where Clavin reads from Julep's journal over the loudspeaker at school!! Read this book and you will really enjoy it. All of my friends are reading Julep now and we can't wait to read the other books in the series. Go Julep!! C.Y.L. (you will get this when you read the book).

  •     Julep is a middle child and she is stuck between her older sister and younger brother. I like this book because it's very funny and has lots of action, too, like when Julep gets her journal read over the P.A. at school! It also tells a good story. Julep has to help her brother when he has a bad asthma attack and her sister doesn't know what to do. Julep will make you think and make you laugh, so read it!! There are more books in the series, which I plan to read.Julep O' Toole: Miss IndependentJulep O'Toole: What I Really Want To Do Is Direct (Julep O'Toole)

  •     Julep is one of my favorite books! The author does a good job of writing how life really is in middle school with all the problems Julep faces with her friends. The journal and drawings are great, too. I've read two of the Julep books (Miss Independent is good) and hope to read the third soon. If you are a kid you will LOVE this book!

  •     This is one of my favorite books. It is a good story! Julep is tired of being stuck in the middle of her family. She doesn't think anyone notices her. Then, at the end, she sees that she is really important to her family. If you are a middle chld, or even if you aren't, you will love this book. Julep's journal drawings are funny, too.

  •     As a mother who screens everything her 11-year-old daughter reads, I had previously really enjoyed Trudi Trueit's "Secrets of a Lab Rat: No Girls Allowed" and non-fiction books. I had not heard of Julep O'Toole, however, until it was brought up in a second book club said daughter is in - and, happily, it was available at our local library. It's a terrific series!!! Why is it not available on Amazon?! There are three books so far - and if you're a parent unhappy with Lauren Myracle's "Winnie" series, I recommend in the "Julep O'Toole" series as an age-appropriate and value-endorsable offering. I think Ms. Trueit worked her research experience in writing non-fiction books into this series extremely cleverly, and I love how Julep grows as a character even in the first book, without growing up too fast, even as her 14-year-old sister matures at her own pace. I think the character of the father can be better developed - but the family is well-drawn as one. A light-hearted read, all three books in the series, with enough stuff to discuss after. In the words of said daughter:"The book, `Confessions of a Middle Child' by Trudi Trueit was a good, funny start to a good, funny series. It's hilarious!"Julep O'Toole has always been the middle child, the average kid, the child that no one notices. But that all changed when Julep is invited to the most-popular-girl-in-school's party. But will Julep be able to go? Or will her brother and her annoyingly perfect big sister ruin her only chance of gaining popularity? Read the book to find out!"While the other books in the series, `Julep O'Toole : Miss Independent' and `Julep O'Toole: What I really Want to Do is Direct' were extremely funny in how Julep O'Toole writes in her diary and about her life as a middle child, `Confessions of a Middle Child' was my favorite book of the three, because I liked how Julep grew from a miserable middle child who thinks she is taken for granted by her parents to a brave sister and daughter who saves her little brother when he has an asthma attack."My favorite part has to be when Calvin read out loud Julep's diary because, while I feel her pain and would die if anyone read my diary out loud, it was still very funny. I would give the book five stars: one for being a part of a great trilogy, two for the characters and two for the awesome style of writing that Julep has. A must-read for all eleven-year-old girls."

  •     Julep is a middle child and she hates it. She wants to be popular like her older sister or the spoiled baby like her little brother. I love this book because Julep is very real. She gets into embarrassing situations, just like me and my friends do sometimes. My teacher read this book to our class and we all thought it was true and funny! It's serious, too, like when Julep has to help her little brother when he has an asthma attack. Read this book!

  •     Confessions of a Middle Childis a very good book. This book is about a girl named Julep O' Toole. Julep is an eleven yeat old, middle child who feels like she is invisible. In the book she often has conflicts with her older sister Harmony and her younger brother Cooper. In the book Julep is finally given a chance to come out of the shadows. But will she, you'll just have to find out. I really like this book and suggest it to 6th grade girls.


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