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Grandma's Scrapbook

Press:Independent Pub Group Gingerbread House; Revised edition (September 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-9
Author Name:Nobisso, Josephine/ Hyde, Maureen (ILT)


A scrapbook of memorabilia chronicles the tender and sometimes zany moments shared between Grandma and her granddaughter during their seaside summers. 
Pages of the lively scrapbook are interspersed with watercolor-rendered photographs of the girl, now a teenager, as she reminisces about their relationship.
The last summer in the scrapbook reveals how their roles have changed.
Now the girl guides Grandma’s wheelchair to places Grandma once brought her on the back of her bike or in a stroller.
This poignant story uplifts and dignifies the experience of aging and loss, tingeing it not with sadness, but with hope and wonder.

From the Publisher

Named an "Outstanding Children's Book" by the Parent Council

About the Author

Josephine Nobisso is the author of Grandpa Loved and Shh! The Whale Is Smiling. 
She lives in Westhampton Beach, New York.
Maureen Hyde is the illustrator of Grandpa Loved.


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  •     No other picture book has ever touched me like this one! It made me cry and makes me want to cherish every moment with every member of my family!

  •     I just finished reading Grandma's Scrapbook and I feel touched and moved by this beautiful book! The illustrations are gorgeous and the text moved me to tears! Read it!

  •     I told my mom that I wanted to tell everybody that I love Grandma's Scrapbook and that they should read it! I sent one to my grandma.

  •     I loved this sweet book. It really touched me and I hope myscrapbooks mean as much to my family as this Granmda's scrapbook meantto this young girl. I think anyone who scrapbooks would just love this story.

  •     I do a lot of scrapbooking for my grandkids and this book is excellent to give as a gift along with the scrapbook to a granddaughter.

  •     Grandma's Scrapbook is the companion book to Josephine Nobisso's Grandpa Loved. In this gentle, tender story, a girl looks back on all the wonderful summers she spent with her grandmother. Grandma has made remembering easy, because she kept a special scrapbook of their times together..."Grandma started that scrapbook because I was once too young to remember, and because one day, I may get too old to remember." Maureen Hyde's beautiful, detailed artwork enhances the story with just the right expressive touch. And, even though we find out that Grandma has died at the end of the book, the story is not maudlin, but uplifting and told with honesty, wisdom and much love.

  •     An older girl doesn't remember when her grandma's hair was as black as a crow, but she cherishes the lock of it in her grandma's scrapbook. Pictures, wisps of her own baby hair, a flower, and a shell all hold the power of memory. Each precious item tells a story and becomes a living legacy as the girl shares the story of her grandma's scrapbook. With a majestic grace we are reminded that with loss comes sorrow, but memory offers comfort and joy.The beauty of the illustrations underscores the beauty of the message in GRANDMA'S SCRAPBOOK. Illustrator Maureen Hyde brings her love of classical art to bear with her own fluid style, creating illustrations that look and feel like snapshots out of time yet are rich with intensity and emotion. Likewise, Josephine Nobisso pens a poignant tale of memory and joy captured in the pages of a scrapbook and shared through generations. Children will warm to this poignant tale, wishing to create their own scrapbook of priceless memories. Destined to become a classic, GRANDMA'S SCRAPBOOK comes very highly recommended.

  •     I just finished reading Grandma's Scrapbook and I feel touched by this beautiful book! The illustrations are gorgeous and the text moved me to tears! Read it!


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