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Little Smudge

Press:Sterling Pub Co Inc Boxer Books (August 28, 2006)
Author Name:Le Neouanic, Lionel


Hello—can I play with you? For a child, the entire world hangs on the answer to that question. 
But what happens if the response is NO?Lonely Little Smudge is searching everywhere for a friend—and when it sees a group of shapes playing together it thinks the wish has come true.
But the colorful squares, triangles, diamonds, and circles all think Smudge is just too different…until it shows them all the amazing shapes it can form, and how magical its difference can be.
With bold, bright, and always surprising images—which range from abstract to cubist—this very special picture book not only celebrates the power of the individual but provides an appealing introduction to modern art.


With bright and simple illustrations, this tale celebrates friendship, diversity and tolerance. 
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--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

About the Author

Lionel Le Neouanic was born in 1964 and went on to study at one of the most famous French art schools, The Estienne School. 
Since then he has written and illustrated many books.
Lionel also finds time to sculpt and paint and even plays in a band.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     I love this book. It has wonderful illustrations and bright colors. The story is simple, but has a great meaning behind it. My 2.5 yr. old loves it.

  •     This is an amazing and humorous book about accepting diversity. I am planning to buy it for my friends' kids as birthdays approach...

  •     Cute story line.

  •     This book gave shapes life-like personalities: some were unfriendly and superficial, others were more sympathetic and timid.

  •     My students really love this book! It has a good moral to it as well!

  •     I bought this book for my 3 year old son and it seemed to be the perfect book for an active 3 year old who is often anxious to get to the end of the book.

  •     Moral alone cannot win five stars. Story and illustrations both blew.

  •     My daughter loves this book. She is only 2 years of age and doesn't understand just yet what it is like to be unlike others and not excepted for who she is. she does understand that the characters in this book work out their differences because the one who is not liked has a special talent and is willing to share it with his taunters. I feel this book prepares parents as well as children for the inevitable...the school bully. There is a bully or 2 or 3 in every school and giving a child coping skills is the best thing a parent can do. We can't protect our children from harsh words and dislike, but we can teach them how to over come. This book also teaches that it hurts to say unkind words to others. So my hope is that more parents will read this book to their children to teach them not to hurt others, as well as how to handle the hurt if it happens to them.

  •     If you loved One (which I SO heart) by Kathryn Otishi, then you'll go ga ga for Little Smudge. It instantly became a popular hit with students. Why? Because just like Little Smudge got rejected, kids are running up to me on the playground heart broken because another child or group said to them, "You can't play with me/us!" What draws the kids into the story is how Little Smudge deals with his rejection. At first, he does sort of a small mean action towards the group. (Great way to teach kids that being mean back does not work!). And then the power of assertiveness, kindness, and using ones gifts saves the day (doesn't it always?). This is a cute story. I look forward to reading it again next year to help kids survive friendship difficulties. After giving a 1st grader advice on a similar situation he said: 'Oh yaa, Just like Smudge!'

  •     It is a great book for prek to open up a discussion about differences & getting along also about being mean! Loved it & so did the pre k children

  •     My grandson liked this book so much l bought it for Christmas for my new grandson . It was a favorite for a long time.

  •     My son loves this book (age 2). He loves drawing his own version of smudge! The story is wonderful and the illustration is imaginitive. While there is some negative language and namecalling, I believe this provides a teaching opportunity for parents.

  •     Book is in great condition!


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