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Horrible Harry and the Mud Gremlins

Press:Penguin USA Puffin Books; Reprint edition (June 17, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-6
Author Name:Kline, Suzy/ Remkiewicz, Frank (ILT)


When Harry comes to school wearing a necklace, the whole class is intrigued. 
Harry opens the necklace and reveals a mini-microscope&150perfect for looking at the mold experiment Room 3B is working on! Everyone wants to try it, so Harry promises to show them a kingdom of mushrooms at recess.
But there is one catch.
They will have to go outside the playground fence, which means breaking a school rule.
If they follow Harry, will they ever be able to face Miss Mackle again?


"[Gives] a lively sense of the third-grade classroom and playground . 
with a conflict that builds to a tense climax." (Booklist)

About the Author

Suzy Kline, the author of nineteen previous Horrible Harry books and four books about Song Lee, lives in Willington Connecticut with her husband, Rufus. 
Suzy and Rufus have been married for thirty-eight years.
They met in the state where they both grew up: California.
Suzy grew up in Berkeley and Rufus in Sacramento.
Suzy graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in European history.
She met Rufus at the Davis campus while attending that campus for a year.
They got married and lived in different places, including Canada, before settling into Connecticut, the state they now call home.Suzy taught in 5th and 6th grades at Shannon Elementary School in Richmond, California for 3 years, and 2nd and 3rd grades at Southwest Elementary School in Torrington, Connecticut for 24 years before retiring this past June.
She now enjoys writing full-time and visiting schools and libraries.
The couple share their home with two cats, Teeter and Hoag.
They have two daughters, Jennifer and Emily, and four grandchildren: Jake, Kenna, Gabby and Saylor.
A fifth grandchild is due in September, 2006.
Suzy's mother just turned 96.
She dedicated her most recent book, Horrible Harry Takes the Cake to her.Suzy and Rufus enjoy attending UConn football and basketball games, and Suzy uses the UConn library as a reference for her writing facts. 


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     Suzy Kline's Horrible Harry And The Mud Gremlins tells of a boy who wears a necklace and faces ridicule - until he reveals its secret. His promise to introduce the class to a mini-kingdom at recess involves breaking an important school rule in this chapter book for kids from Viking Press.

  •     Great story but the illustration is questionable albeit entertaining for adult readers! The picture for the chapter titled "Hole in the Wall" resembles several large phallus'.

  •     Great book for kids!

  •     As an elementary teacher, I have a great love for children's literature. I choose Harry Horrible books frequently in my classroom. I read this book to my students at the beginning of the school year. The adventures of Harry and his friends throughout the Horrible Harry adventures are engaging its readers. These are some of the first chapter books that they pick up. It is a great simple chapter book to help hook your students into reading. They will relate to Harry and his friends, and find that reading is funny. I recommend this book to everyone.I found that this book was funny and suspenseful altogether. My students were begging me to read more. In this book we find Harry wearing a mini-microscope necklace to school. Horrible Harry tells his classmates that they can use during recess time to find a secret mushroom kingdom. However knowing the playground rules, will Horrible Harry and his buddies break the rule and outside the fence to look in the mud? The author engages the readers in suspense, climax, and the issue of right and wrong.

  •     This is a really good book I will recommend this book too people for all ages. Hope you liked this book.

  •     I like the Horrible Harry books. Look forward to reading more tonight. Horrible harry is funny and good to read.

  •     I bought it because of the stinkhorn mushrooms in the story. No real review..... just interest in the mushrooms in a children's story.

  •     In Horrible Harry and the Mud Gremlins by Suzy Kline you'll learn to listen to the rules. Harry convinces the class to go to where the teachers can't see them and they get in trouble. How will Harry ever learn to follow the rules? The problem starts at recess time when Harry tries to get his classmates to break the rules. He wants them to see the mud gremlins. I liked this story because even though Harry does bad stuff, he is still funny. All second graders would like Horrible Harry and all his adventures. Some other books you could read are: Horrible Harry and the Secret, Horrible Harry and the Green Slime, Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise, Horrible Harry in Room 2B, and Horrible Harry and the ant invasion.

  •     Great book and series of books for the younger reader in the family. Also a great way to get that younger person interested in reading.


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