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Spotlight on Indonesia (Spotlight on My Country)

Press: Crabtree Publishing Company (August 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-8
Author Name:Kalman, Bobbie


Indonesia, a country of 17,508 islands, is a visual wonderland. 
Its spectacular landscapes include rain forests, mountains, pristine beaches, and over 150 active volcanoes.
Indonesia's culture is perhaps its most outstanding feature, however.
This book offers colourful photographs and information of this country.


Children's Books,Geography & Cultures,Cultural Studies,Customs, Traditions, Anthropology,Explore the World,Asia

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  •     Bobbie Kalman's 'Spotlight On' series provides grades 2-5 with 32 pages each of world geography introductions. INDONESIA, EGYPT and JAPAN each provide contemporary color photos and cultural insights designed to spark interest and serve as foundations for reports.

  •     Great kids book


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