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Manolito Four-Eyes: The 3rd Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life

Press:Marshall Cavendish Children's Books Two Lions (April 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-04
Author Name:Elvira Lindo


The third book about a ten-year-old boy’s misadventures in Spain

About the Author

Author Elvira Lindo's series about the adventures of Manolito Four-Eyes is a children’s classic in Spain, where it has inspired feature films and a TV series, and is also widely popular in other European countries. 
She has received Spain’s National Children’s Book Award, and her books are regularly translated into some twenty languages.
She also works as a screenwriter, and her weekly column in El País newspaper is widely read in Spain and Latin America.
She lives half of the year in New York City.Illustrator Emilio Urberuaga is a writer and illustrator in Spain whose work has been published all over the world.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     I truly enjoyed the three stories, they are so funny. My kids see me laughing and they too are enjoying the stories. Bravo for this fun children books. More please!!!!!!!!

  •     Summary:Summer has finally come, but Manolito is stuck at home while all of his friends head off on vacation.

  •     I'll be honest. I had never read a Manolito Four-Eyes book before this one, so I didn't quite know what I was getting into.

  •     Volume 3 mostly focuses on the summer, when Manolito's family is stuck at home since they cannot afford to vacation on the coast like all his friends and neighbors do.

  •     Having enjoyed reading about the talkative, Spanish middleclass Manolito and his adventures in school in the first book, I was really looking forward to reading subsequent...

  •     The first thing I really liked about this book was that it is set in Spain. Almost everything my daughter reads is set in America but she is curious about other countries and what...

  •     I am so glad I have been introduced to the Manolito series, as this series is a delight to read, for both young and old. Elvira Lindo writes in such as way that one "hears" Manolito's ten-year-old quirky and ornery voice, the illustrations are cute, and the translation is in American English.This book starts at the end of the school year and ends with the start of the new school year. Manolito and his family spend the vacation in Madrid, because they can't afford to travel somewhere because of other bills like the new truck payment. Manolito makes it the best he can and tells story, per chapter, what happens with friends and family in town over the summer.This is an enjoyable book for young elementary students, parents and teachers of young children, and young, independent readers.

  •     At first my son would not read this book. It is not as well known as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid or other such comedies for kids.

  •     Love Manoliti other books as well. This book did not disappoint. Grandpa is to funny and Manolito of Spain is always up to something.

  •     From the cover, I thought this would be aimed toward my 6 year old. There's a small boy and a baby on the cover. But it turns out that Manolito is 10 and this is aimed for 9-12 year olds. It's not bad, but it is a little more coarse than for a six year old.Overall, it's pretty good, but as many have said it's like Wimpy Kid with a Spanish kid. Since the Wimpy Kid books have a lot more traction over here, I'm not sure if this will gain much interest here in the states.The writing is just slightly off--maybe Manolito speaks like he's older than he is? Or maybe old-fashioned? Or maybe the translation from Spanish gets in the way? If you look at the cover, it looks old fashioned, or off, or at least not American style--well the writing is the same way.It's like off brand soda. Sometimes it's just as good. Sometimes it is gross. And sometimes it's just off in ways that's hard to put in words. This book is off in a way that's hard to put into words.So if you have an avid reader, this is pretty good. If you have a Spanish reader, they do have this in Spanish. But if you're looking for the next great kid's series, I don't think this is it. Note that the first three books are out in the States, but there are 8 books in the series. I assume they're planning on bringing the rest, but I'm sure that partially depends on how these sell.

  •     Elvira Lindo continues her wonderful series in “Manolito Four-Eyes - The 3rd Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life”. The consummate everyman, Manolito is maturing and growing slightly more responsible throughout this book. His acerbic wit, self-deprecating humor, and outlook on life make this third book in the Manolito series every bit as enjoyable – for both younger readers and adults - as the first two books. Manolito’s observations with respect to his family, neighbors, and friends will evoke smiles and laughter from readers who may recognize themselves or others as sharing similar experiences.“Manolito Four-Eyes - The 3rd Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life” focuses on Manolito’s summer. His family is unable to leave their hometown – Carabanchel – on vacation because they must “… make payments on my dad’s truck …”. His friends have all left town, so Manolito, his little brother “The Bozo”, and his beloved grandfather fill their days with swimming, going to Hangman’s Park every afternoon, and eating super-duper ice cream cones. Manolito discovers a new life-long friend, Mustard, when walking with The Bozo and giving him advice on the best way to eat a super-duper ice cream cone at 4 pm. Other adventures and mishaps involving friends and family are funny and, at times, touching.The love and respect Manolito has for his parents, his grandfather, and The Bozo are evident throughout the book. When the new school year starts, Manolito’s taking The Bozo under his wing evidence his growing maturity. His realization that overlooking Mustard almost resulted in missing a fulfilling friendship shows young readers that sometimes that overlooked individual may be someone with who they have similar interests.Elvira Lindo writes with humor and a style that adults as well as those in the target age range of 9 – 12 years old can appreciate. Language is inoffensive and appropriate for young readers; it is sufficiently sophisticated so that adult readers will not become bored. Actions taken by the characters and the situations in which they find themselves are consistent with the personalities of Manolito, his friends, and his family. Because Manolito is an everyman and acts much as ten-year old boys do, the series is a particularly appealing book for boys who may not always be enthralled by reading.“Manolito Four-Eyes - The 3rd Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life” is one of my favorite books and part of one of my favorite series of books. Like the first two books in the Manolito, Encyclopedia of My Life, the 3rd volume is filled with humor and appealing characters. It made some good points about friendship, behavior, and family. I definitely recommend Elvira Lindo’s books to anyone who enjoys humor and laughing aloud when reading a good book.

  •     Manolito Four Eyes is a quirky unexpected hero that I find completely charming. I thoroughly recommend the entire Manolito series.

  •     This is basically a Spanish version of the Wimpy Kid series. Written in Spanish, translated to English. The writing came across somewhat stilted.


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