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You've Got Respectful Manners!~Tactful Tips From A to Z For Kids Of All Ages (You've Got Manners series)

Press: Grandy Publications; 1st edition (October 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2008-10
Author Name:Elerding, Louise


This book is heart-based and finds its way into the inner souls of 'kids of all ages' who have not been able to communicate their true feelings about sensitive issues. 
Being able to have confidence on matters that can make a difference - between two friends, two relatives, even two strangers - is one of the goals of this book.
This book teaches readers that they may say anything to anyone at any time and be effective, by simply being aware of the tone they use, the time they choose to say it, and not making anyone wrong in the process.
A peaceful world will evolve when people act responsibly when choosing a tactful way of speaking.
The information on theses pages will be very beneficial to young readers now, in their high school and college life, and later in their adult lives, including their careers.

About the Author

Louise Elerding, AICI, CIP is a Personal Appearance Coach, author, speaker, Image industry trainer, and owner of Professional Image Partners at The Color Studio in Burbank, CA since 1983. 
Individuals, businesses, and groups employ Louise to align their inner strengths with their outward appearance from personal issues to company branding.
Combining effective personal appearance with considerate behavior is a passion of Elerding's, thus this series of manners books was written.
Louise is a charter member of the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI, having served an International President 1996-97.
She received the esteemed 1999 Award of Excellence from AICI for her contributions to this worldwide industry organization.
In 2001 she was inducted into the International Who s Who of Professional & Business Women s HALL of FAME.
Louise has been quoted in numerous books, articles, publications, among them: Parenting Magazine, Redbook, Glamour Magazine, L.A.
Business Journal, Maximum Style-Rodale Press, the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Pacific Sun, One World Live, CNN.com.
Louise also appears on local cable television.
Along with these books, her Table Manners teaching curriculum is being taught across the country.


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  •     I gave a copy of this book to my two grown daughters, to read to their children. The whole family has decided this is a group effort - and really good information. The examples and illustrations are very attention-getting, and the wording is friendly and easy to understand.This is a book that will help a lot of children and adults feel better about the way they communicate with others.

  •     This book addresses the way children can be courteous to each other, considerate of their friends' feelings, and respectful to their friends and to the adults they come in contact with--parents, teachers, parents of friends and others. The lessons, however, are good for all of us. If adults practiced them more often, there would not be as great a need for the children to learn them because they would parrot our good conduct. As a retired teacher and grandmother of five children, I encourage parents to start reading Respectful Manners (and all the preceding books by Ms. Elerding on manners) to their children as early as possible, to instill in them the polite way to act with parents, friends, teachers and other adults they encounter in life. The book is timely and ageless.

  •     This book has given my three children confidence in dealing with other kids at school. They have learned new respect for themselves and others. We have learned so much from the other three books. I'm hoping she plans to continue to write more books on this topic.


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