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Immigrant Kids (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Press: Turtleback Books; Bound for Schools & Libraries ed. edition (August 1, 1995)
Publication Date:1995-8
Author Name:Freedman, Russell


Text and contemporary photographs chronicle the life of immigrant children at home, school, work, and play during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

About the Author

Russell Freedman is the author of over thirty-five nonfiction books.  His works have received many awards, among them the Robert F. 
Silbert Award, a Newberry Medal, and a Newberry Honor.  He was recently awarded the May Hill Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Award for his contributions to the work of children's literature.  He lives in New York City.

--This text refers to the Paperback edition.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I use this for nonfiction reading for my sixth graders. Students need to know about the history of immigration to understand the current debate. This book provides the background information.

  •     REALLY EYE OPENING The conditions of that time amongst all immigrants from various places of Europe, were quite severe, crunched in small apartments, and water faucets were...

  •     The book came when it was scheduled to be delivered. It is a great resource for my classroom project and my students will love it.

  •     I Love the book, but the condition was much worse than I anticipated. Again, Fantastic book...just what I was looking for.

  •     Very poignant pictures of immigrant kids. Hard to believe the journey they survived.

  •     Great informational book to read!

  •     The life of an immigrant child was harsh. Russell Freedman accomplished his goal of showing how difficult an immigrant's life was through the use of descriptive words and photographs that make you thankful that you do not have to live like immigrant children of the past. The photographs captured our attention. Our fourth grade teacher shared this book with us. It helped us to learn about the conditions immigrants had to live under. We highly recommend this book!

  •     The book is in great condition! Thank you very much!

  •     The pictures truly told the story. My 4th grade students were shocked by these images. Their lives are so different from children in the past.

  •     The book was very informational but I tried to buy it on audio and it didn't buy

  •     Great story

  •     This is a book of beautiful and poignant photographs with text that truly enhances the meaning in the pictures, most of which are not in wide circulation. Many of my students' ancestors were immigrants who came to work here in the coal mines, and the photos of the little boys at work underground hit home with them.

  •     Reason for Reading: Read aloud to my son as part of his history curriculum.Russell Freedman is an award winning author with an extensive backlist and I've always been confident when seeing his name on a book. This is an over-sized book, profusely illustrated with contemporary photographs. Sometimes the photograph will take up more page space than the text and many times a whole page is devoted to the photograph. The text concentrates on 1890s-1900s immigration, coming into Ellis Island and living in New York City. The children are the focus and each chapter takes a look at a specific aspect of their live work, play, school. The book is peppered here and there will actual quotes from people who were once the children this book speaks of.The photographs are wonderful and the book can be enjoyed simply by looking through the pictures and reading the captions. It is the photos that make this book. Unfortunately, we were not very impressed with the text. It had no cohesiveness, told no one's story, just randomly gave out information, which was interesting per se, but neither of us had any connection with the author's style of imparting that information. Rather a disappointment from a book authored by Russell Freedman. I recommend getting this book out from the library and looking at the photographs as they are definitely worthwhile.

  •     If your family came to America 100 years ago, what was life like for them? Newbery Medalist Russell Freedman provides insights which pair with vintage black and white photos to describe work challenges, living conditions and more. The blend of visual and history will appeal to elementary grades 3-5, but many an older reader will find it equally unusual & compelling.

  •     great authentic black/white pictures.

  •     It is a wonderful book for explaining briefly and graphically the big adventure of emigration to America at the turn of the century.

  •     This wonderful non-fiction book will be a hit with students at the 4th-6th grade level. The real life pictures of immigrant children in the neighborhoods of New York during the late 1800's and early 1900's that appear on almost every page of the book should hold the interest of even the most reluctant readers. However, while the reading itself is not too difficult for most 4th-6th grade students, much of the vocabulary explaining the era of that time will be unfamiliar to them so covering this book as a read-aloud may be most beneficial. Immigrant Kids provides a wonderful way to introduce students to immigration in the past and show how it has changed over time. It lends itself well to a discussion in history class on the various cultures that became part of the giant "mixing pot" we now call our country. Because this book is set in New York it can further be used to teach about the city of New York and its early beginnings. Possibly the one thing that will interest students the most about this book is that it is written from the perspective of children like themselves. Overall the historical content of this book is very well defined and accurate and the photograph driven text provides readers with a very non-threatening approach to information books. It is a must read in any 4th-6th grade history curriculum and can work as a wonderful addition to a reading curriculum when used in accompaniment with other books both fictional and factual dealing with the topic of immigration.

  •     This is an incredible book, the photographs included are beyond amazing. This book was part of our homeschool curriculum ( moving beyond the page) and my daughter and I both...


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