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Circle of Flight (Ellie Chronicles)

Press: Bolinda Audio; Library edition (August 20, 2012)
Author Name:Marsden, John


It is a time of profound change for Ellie Linton. 
Enemies are everywhere.
Some come crawling over the hills others drive in and knock on the front door.
Sometimes her friends are there and sometimes they are not.
Ellie fights every inch of the way.
But when courage and imagination are not enough, when she is trapped and helpless, Ellie must face the end of life as she knows it...
standing alone, sustained only by her own strength.


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  •     A must read, with the other two post "Tomorrow, When the War Began" novels. The movie got me interested, and I ended up reading the entire series

  •     This book is a continuation of the "Tomorrow Series". I liked it but not as much. A bit tired of the turmoil that continues in the lives of Ellie and her friends.

  •     Thank You

  •     I loved the Tomorrow series. The characters were well developed, there was a lot of action, and the plot moved along nicely. Ellie was a great narrator and protagonist. I was thrilled to see her story continue in the Ellie Chronicles. I even bought the ebook version since the print version wasn't available and I couldn't wait to read them. With the very first chapter of the very first book, I wondered if I should keep reading. I understood that you had to get rid of Ellie's safety net to develop her character in this series, but after all she went through during the war to find them just for this to happen to her parents seemed wrong. However, it was Ellie, so I kept reading. Gavin was never one of my favorite characters, but he provided a new dimension to Ellie. But when it got to the scene of Gavin and the cat, I lost any interest in Gavin. I kept reading though cause I had to find out what happens to Ellie. I could deal with everything in the entire trilogy until the very end of this book and she sells the farm and says she's in love with Lee and moving in with him. Both decisions seem to come from nowhere and go against everything we know about Ellie. To me, it would seem way more likely that Homer would move in and help her keep the farm and everything going. She had everything going well. I can't see her giving up everything her parents worked so hard for and loved for Gavin. Ellie loved that land more than anything. And she gave it up? For him? And as for Lee...she spends the entire book saying how she doesn't love him anymore (actually she started that at the end of the Tomorrow series). She gives no hints that she still has any feelings for him. Her heart never seems into Jeremy. I think Bronte had it right. Jeremy had it right. Ellie talks about Homer in ways she doesn't talk about anyone else. She loves him, plain and simple. It should have been Ellie and Homer on the farm, with or without Gavin the monster. The ending of this book made me wish I had stopped at the end of the Tomorrow series.

  •     Great book!

  •     Great teen series

  •     Circle of Flight is the completely underwhelming end to the post-script trilogy that follows after the Tomorrow series. I almost can't put into words what a bitter disappointment this series, and especially this book, is. Completely unlikable and constantly underfoot, Gavin took what was one of my favorite YA characters of all time and turned her into a miserable nothing. Ellie was going to go somewhere, do something, and now it seems like she's doomed to a life in the 'burbs, all for a little sociopathic snot. I almost want to mourn for her.Marsden would have done better by not have tacking these three inferior books onto the satisfying conclusion of the original series.

  •     The final book finishes with a bang and a fizzle. There's plenty of action, and you can't help but speed through the story. While the ending was good, I couldn't help but want more. Although, I'd probably feel that way no matter how the story had ended. The book wraps up some things nicely, but with others you're left wondering a bit. That's life though.

  •     excellent and excellent service

  •     Starting with Tomorrow When the War Began and continuing through the war series, John Marsden has written seven books that any teen or adult will find captivating.


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