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The Immigrant Dream Inside the Struggle: A closer look at the Immigrant subgroup; our hopes, struggles, challenges, and dreams.

Press:A Closer Look at the Immigrant Subgroup; Our Hopes, Struggles, Challenges, and Dreams.

Press: BookSurge Publishing (May 11, 2009)
Author Name:Perez, Hugo D.


The issue of illegal immigration has generated a lot of interest in recent years both from those who are in favor of an immigration reform and those who are against it. 
While this debate continues to go on many stories including mine surfaced about those who reside here illegally in hopes of that opportunity to remain here documented.
This book examines the priorities, setbacks, goals, dreams, hopes and struggles of those of the Latino/Immigrant community.
It is my intent to provide a different perspective of our community both as an assimiliated resident as well as one who continues to be an outsider in terms of lack of legal documents.
Integrated is my story of my intent to succeed in this country despite of my status; my identity crisis, my drive for a better future, my battle with stereotypes, living up to expectations, and my life as an undocumented immigrant in the United States.
Along this journey, I also explored the status of a Latino in this country.
What we need to do to become a political voice, to overcome our own expectations, gear ourselves towards a better future, and set better expectations for the upcoming generation.
My journey as in immigrant in this country is both uplifting and motivational, but very much complex because of my status.
My goal is to reach to those in our community who can make a difference now, and those who must do something to change the perspective of our group for a better tomorrow.
We need to identified leaders for tomorrow who will lead us towards true change and prosperity.
Latinos one day will be the biggest minority group in this country in terms of numbers.
But what's the point of that if we don't become unified? We need better leadership.
We need to change the perspective that society has placed on us.
Will we continue to be at the bottom of the pyramid or will we strive for better opportunities? Education for our younger and upcoming generations must be a priority.
For those who remain here undocumented and are hoping that congress will pass an immigration reform; we must also do our part: we need to learn the language, set different expectations for our children, change the negative sterotypes that our gruop holds so common.
As an undocumented immigrant myself, all I ask from Congress is for that opportunity to contribute to this country in a manner that will set an example for many.
While there are many of those who are wasting a golden opportunity by doing nothing to alter the perception of our group in a positive way, there are those who will.
Of course, many of you have read about immigrants, the immigrant/latino community and so forth, but never like this, not in this form.
I will not be biased, nor for or against immigrants.
I wrote this book with the intent to bring out the misconceptions and misplaced labels that immigrants hold, as well as those negative traits that our group must change.
The change for a better tomorrow starts now and it starts with us.


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  •     This book is awesome! The author brings up current issues concerning the Latin American social structures. I highly recommend this book to teachers as an excellent read for their students.


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