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Seminole History and Culture (Native American Library (Library))

Press: Gareth Stevens Publishing (August 1, 2012)
Author Name:Dwyer, Helen; Birchfield, D. L.;


Readers discover Seminole history and culture in this richly designed, and well-researched volume. 
Its in-depth exploration of Seminole history begins with prehistoric times and continues to the present.
Among the topics examined are the Seminoles' arrival in Florida in the 1700s, the place of black Seminoles in their society, their struggles to protect their territory from land-hungry Americans, and 21st-century reservation life.
The books exploration of traditional culture and beliefs includes discussion of the role of uncles in raising children and an account of their origin story.
Useful features include a detailed timeline, a list of additional resources for readers interested in learning more, and activities designed to promote further thought.


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