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The Five Chinese Brothers

Press: Perfection Learning (June 18, 1996)
Publication Date:1996-6


Five brothers who look just alike outwit the executioner by using their extraordinary individual qualities.

About the Author

Claire Huchet Bishop (1899 – 1993) was a children's novelist and librarian. 
She was the winner of the Newbery Honor for Pancakes-Paris and All Alone, and the Josette Frank Award for Twenty and Ten.
The Five Chinese Brothers won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1959.

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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Don't let a single one-star review throw you off, this is a great book and it has been read to my granddaughter by her mother who is an elementary school teacher. The part that is supposedly so "gross" teaches children there are consequences for bad behavior.The book teaches the value of family members standing by one another in times of adversity and also how we may help others who are in need of our help. I personally read this book as a child and it came to mind the other day so I bought it for my grandchildren to read.The story and illustrations in this book are as appropriate today as when the book was first produced back in 1938 and is a great way to entertain your children (grandchildren).

  •     The undisputed best handbook of sittin' on a fence, trying to make a dollar out of sixty five cents.

  •     Used to love this as a kid, now enjoying it again.

  •     An old classic that I had when I was a kid and that's a very long time ago!

  •     I remember reading this in second grade. I kept explaining it to my wife and kids. Glad to see this slightly politically incorrect children's book is still around. Thanks, Amazon!!

  •     Thank you

  •     The new version of The Five Chinese Brothers has been censored since it has been re-published back in 2008. A good waste my $5.72. Never again. >:(

  •     Our family has read this book for years. And now my kids are enjoying it. Love this book!

  •     Read this book over and over as a child.

  •     One of my favorite from my childhood.

  •     Good book

  •     This book is a nostalgic gem for me. My mom read it to my siblings and myself when we were young and it's always held great memories for me. I had, however, forgotten how dark this book is. I was excited after I received it to read to my 4 year old son. We got to the part about the boy drowning and I thought "wait a minute..." but we pressed on. Then we got to them cutting off the one brothers head and I realized this was just not meant for young kids. I love this book, but maybe not for little ones.

  •     Such a wonderful story from my childhood , my children and now sharing with my grandchildren. We all love it!!

  •     This book is so-so. When I was little, I watched the Chinese serial VHS tapes of this story. This one has five brothers, there are other editions that have seven brothers, or even ten. The plot seems to be about the same, with little minor differences here and there. I don't really like this edition because I didn't like the stereotypical illustrations of Chinese people. The facial features are ridiculously exaggerated - it's nothing like The Story About Ping (another "classic" Chinese story, that one was published in 1933 I believed); in that book, the illustrator took care to be more realistic. I find it odd that both are written by Westerners; I would think that if people were to write and draw about another culture, they'd take care to be more sensitive.My daughter is Chinese and Irish - I didn't like this book for her. I wouldn't recommend this edition of the story.

  •     As a child this was one of my favorite tales. I am of asian descent and I was never offended by the images. I didn't find it scary, just fascinating. It was a tale that really let the imagination soar. People should be racially sensitive but not paranoid. In this era of cultural diversity, we should be able to see the humor. The caricatures are innocent not disrespectful. I feel bad for children whose parents feel the need to censor this from them. It is a fun, timeless story I plan to share with my children.

  •     I am a grown adult, and a solodier in the Israeli army, but in my childhood I remember reading this book over and over again. It was my favorite book. I must have been in a weird mood, because I actually bought this book to recapture the good feelinhg it gave me as a child. Well, sure enough, it made me smile and laqugh. This really is a great book for kids, and if you have kids, or if you drive a tank, pick up a copy!!!

  •     Just as I remembered in first grade. My teacher read this to us and I faintly remember but lovely Amazon has sooo many books to choose from and I remembered what the front cover looked like. Just read this to my second grader and he loves it. He thinks it's pretty funny, which it is. Kind of short but enjoyable.

  •     It is unfortunate that this book was heavily valued by many people. Although the story seemed fairly appealing but the illustration of it is simply a disaster.


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