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RuneWarriors: Ship of the Dead

Press:Ship of the Dead

Press: HarperCollins; 1St Edition edition (December 28, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-12
Author Name:Jennewein, James; Parker, Tom S.;


How can Dane defeat an enemy that's already dead?Dane the Defiant is determined to free his beloved Astrid from her Valkyrie servitude. 
And he learns of a way—a dark and dangerous way.
He must hunt and kill a savage foe: none other than his former nemesis, Thidrek the Terrifying, who has magically returned from the dead.
Thidrek has been sent by the goddess Hel herself, ruler of the Underworld, to find the Ship of the Dead, a cursed vessel built from the bone and sinew of countless ill-fated sailors.
If Dane and his fellow Rune Warriors fail to find the ship first, Thidrek will use it to lead Hel's ghastly army of dead, decayed soldiers in a violent overthrow of mankind.Can Dane find a way to save the world—and reunite with his one true love—in the face of indomitable evil? The fate of the Viking world hangs in the balance in this exhilarating final chapter of the epic RuneWarriors saga.

About the Author

James Jennewein lives in a bloodthirsty, barbaric land filled with evil tyrants, slimy monsters, and comely maidens. 
It is called Los Angeles.Tom S.
Parker, who has Viking ancestors on his Swedish mother's side, enjoys pillaging now and then with his pet Chihuahua, Tony.
He lives in a moated fortress in Topanga, California.


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     I use this book for tutoring a 12 year old boy. He loves it! He reads and understands the material.

  •     "Runewarriors: Ship of the Dead" is the final chapter of the Runewarriors saga, and I believe it is the best of the bunch. Masterly combining equal parts heart, humor and action, the authors have produced a rousing page-turner.Having read the trilogy, it's my opinion that it's not the authors' intention to write a strict depiction of Norse mythology that you'd read in textbooks. Rather, they take the gods, demi-gods and monsters of Norse lore and create living, breathing characters who are fresh, funny and modern in their complexities. For instance, Valkyries are usually depicted as self-sacrificing maidens who feel honored to ferry dead warriors to Odin's Valhalla. Not so here. The Valkyrie sisterhood of Runewarriors is humorously rife with enough back-stabbing and bitching to take up a whole season of "The Office." And the goddess Hel, ruler of the underworld, isn't exactly content that her father Odin stuck her with such a thankless job. Complaining about the endless tide of dead sent her way, she moans, "They never stop coming! Shipload after shipload. And I must find room for them all--as if we weren't cramped for space down here already!" There are dozens of these little gems of comedy amid the text. Some readers may take offense that their precious notions of Norse mythology have been deconstructed by the authors here. Well, these folks just don't get the joke--and never will. As for me, I thoroughly appreciate the fresh, exciting take on Viking times and culture delivered in the Runewarriors trilogy, and especially in the final chapter, "Ship Of The Dead."

  •     There are a very few books that I just don't want to keep reading after the first chapter. Ruin Warriors: Ship of the Dead by James Jennewein and Tom S.

  •     The whole viking theme really enhances this fantasy adventure of gods, Valkyries, undead, etc... It's a non-stop adventure! It's like the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the humor and everything, the only difference is that it's not in the modern day, but instead it's in the middle-ages (medieval), and instead of Greek Mythology, it's Scandinavian Mythology! (it's also got a little bit of romance) All around great series! A must read!

  •     The whole Rune Warrior series was awesome.  Great readcould not stop reading  them   disappointed that it was the last book.

  •     Just bought this book in a store bargain bin. As a fan of norse folklore and friend of many modern Heathens, the glaring errors jumped out screaming at me as early as page 3! Hel, the goddess of the underworld who is half beautiful and half dead, daughter of Loki, who built the most beautiful hall in her realm for the dead god Baldr, is described as "Queen of Sin and Evil" and introduced as Odin being her father and Thor her brother, none of which is remotely in line with norse myths in any form. I was going to give it as a gift, but now I think it may go into the trash where it belongs, and I will get a proper book of myths like Children of Odin.

  •     The authors do not disappoint once again in the final book in the Rune Warriors series, "Ship of the Dead". The story has non-stop action and adventure, while weaving the "true love" story of Dane and Astrid. They left us hanging in the previous book - will they be able to be together after she is dead?!! The story is a serious one - what one has to do the save the world from an undead evil king and his band of undead warriors - but there is plenty of school-boy humor to lighten the mood and give you a good chuckle. Dane's band of motley cohorts are with him again, which we loved, along with some new characters, too. The scenes with Dettmarr the dwarf, his wife and the Fire giant are just great storytelling. Our daughter loved the Norse mythology, too.Our whole family enjoyed all three books. We fought over who got to read them first! Highly recommend.

  •     I bought the first book in the Rune Warriors trilogy for my grandson. He enjoyed it so much that I was encouraged to read it too. We anxiously awaited the publishing of the second book and then "Ship of the Dead".All of the books are so full of good story telling and humor that they appeal to readers of all ages. We loved the hero's and villains escapades. As a school librarian I especially appreciate the authors wonderful use of colorful language.At the end of this truly entertaining book we wanted more of Dane and Astrid and their friends.

  •     I was expecting this to be some straight retelling of Viking legends. I was delighted and surprised that it was not! Sure, there's plenty of brave warriors, Valkyries, swordplay and hairbreadth escapes, but there's also lots of Terry Prachett style humor to go along with it. There aren't enough books like this! It was a very fun read. I will definitely pick up the first two books in the series.


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