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Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

Press:A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

Press: HMH Books for Young Readers (September 27, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-9
Author Name:Mavor, Salley


Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 9/27/2010Pages: 72Reading Level: Age 3 and Up

From School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 1–The epitome of warm and fuzzy, this collection is illustrated with embroidered fabric pictures that have been embellished with small objects like buttons, bells, shells, and bits of driftwood. 
Some of the items, like Mary's little white lambs, are crocheted, and many of the people appear to have heads made of smooth, round dowels.
Old verses like "Elsie Marley" and "Simple Simon" are given a new freshness with this interpretation.
With no white space, and familiar text laid out simply, the pictures definitely take center stage.
Young children love visual detail and this book will engage and delight.
The characters don't look very expressive, but the soft colors and graceful lines are attractive and appealing.
An unusual and charming addition to nursery-rhyme shelves.Lauralyn Persson, Wilmette Public Library, IL© Copyright 2010.
Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.
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From Booklist

This is indeed a treasury as the title proclaims. 
Well-known and less-familiar nursery rhymes and songs appear, including “Baa, Baa Black Sheep,” “Simple Simon,” and “This Little Piggie” among the better known.
All have been intricately illustrated through a variety of thread and cloth art—crochet, macramé, needlework, cloth figures, and embroidery.
Bells, beads, twigs, seeds, shells, and other easily identified items have also been sewn into scenery and figures, inviting closer scrutiny.
The illustrations are closely tied to the verses, but the rhymes and songs take a backseat to the pictures.
Young children won’t understand the incredible effort put into the art, and the muted colors and somewhat static images may lessen the appeal for little ones.
But older, craft-enthusiastic children (and adults) will be enchanted.
--Linda Perkins


"When teachers bemoan the lack of knowledge of nursery tales in their young students, press this special volume into their hands, but get one for home, too: every family deserves a fine collection of nursery rhymes, and this is one of the best."—The Horn Book, starred review"On every page, embroidery, knotwork and beautifully dyed wool felt form backgrounds for the dozens of individual figures and buttons, beads, driftwood and stones. 
The design is sumptuous, and the smaller details enchant."—Kirkus Reviews"Rarely have classic childhood verses been depicted with so much care and detail—and fabric....Mavor's intricate and colorfully embroidered work of art makes even the best-known childhood poems feel special and new again."—Publishers Weekly"An unusual and charming addition to nursery-rhyme shelves."—School Library Journal  

About the Author

Salley Mavor has illustrated many picture books in her signature style. 
She lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     This is a beautiful book of the more well known nursery rhymes, but what makes it special is the illustrations. We first checked it out of the library for a toddler in our family and she loved it. I immediately bought one on Amazon for her birthday and then another for a different person's toddler. What makes it special is the illustrations. On nice thick paper the illustrations are photos of colorful hand sewn felt dolls, animals and frilly details. To me it would be a present that would lean more towards a little girl, maybe I just think that since it was a girl I had the reading experience with. It is full of many colors, but a lot of pinks, reds and roses. This would be terrific for any kind of gift - birthdays, holidays, or any other special time. Highly recommended!

  •     This book has amazing art! Very beautiful. It entrances my kids every time we read it. I'd like to see more books illustrated this way.

  •     Very cute and stunning artwork. I wish it came as a board book so I wouldn't have to worry about my son tearing the pages.

  •     Love the pictures! Makes me want to make stitched scenery too. The level of crafting in this book is really superb.

  •     The books are great-have been making the wee folk people-instructions are great.

  •     Beautiful !

  •     The entire book was stitched and photographed, and it is one delightful page after another! Enjoy the amazon page as it offers many inside views plus a lot of interesting photos on the making of the book, posted by the author!

  •     Beautifully illustrated. The old familiar nursery rhymes with a few unfamiliar ones. Great book!

  •     great book.

  •     I really like the artistry as well as the nursery rhymes.

  •     I nearly swooned when I saw this beautiful book and the fantastically crafted dolls and animals photographed against felt nature backgrounds on all the pages of the book.

  •     I think every young child should have his or her own collection of nursery rhymes, and if you are searching for one for your child, stop looking and buy this one. All the classics are here, carefully indexed in the back. There are over 60, ranging from Baa Baa Black Sheep to Wee Willie Winkie. They are artfully arranged and accompanied by some of the most unique and beautiful illustrations you will ever see. Every character, plant, animal and accessory is handcrafted, giving the illustrations a fascinating texture and dimension. Dolls made of fabric are often wearing acorn caps, flower petal skirts and small hand sewn pj's and sweaters. Buttons adorn sofas, and small doilies portray snowflakes!The creativity and imagination on display all but guarantee that this will be a book your child can return to again and again to not only learn these classic rhymes but marvel at the intricate photos. A HUGE recommend.

  •     This collection of classic nursery rhyme verse, with lush felted illustrations, will capture the heart and minds of young children ages 2-5. From exploring old classics, to hearing a rhyme with a new verse, this is a collection not to be missed. If you are looking for nursery rhymes, this is your new picture book text.

  •     We have at least five collections of nursery rhymes on our bookshelf, but this book is by far our favourite, being selected for reading over and over again. The illustrations are absolutely amazing and my son takes great joy in pointing out the different items that have been fashioned together to form each image. I have recommended this version to others and feel that it would make a great baby or birthday gift.

  •     I went all over amazon searching for a rhyme book that contained the most popular ones and was visually nice. This one, for me was the best because despite mother goose collection gets a lot of attention in my opinion they got too many unknown or unfamiliar rhymes to me... so i decided to go with this one. Honestly I got dazzled by this one because of the textures and stuff, great artist! I thought and I fell in love with it thinking my baby could touch it and all that, also price looked so nice for such a piece of art! But don't get fooled my friends, the book is not textured! They just show how they make the illustrations, but then they take the pictures and the books is just plain couche (bright) paper and all you get is that. May be I was dumb to believe it was going to come with all that in it, and the price was too good to be truth if it actually included that feature... so that is why it looses one star. Despite this fact (I must say I was a little dissappointed when i got it) the illustrations are beautiful and the rhymes as well. I think they should warn about the book not being textured or may be they said it and i didn't read it?

  •     Our 4 year old daughter's favorite things are books. We probably have 1000's of children's books tucked throughout our house. This is the first Salley Mavor book we've bought and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased. It is the most beautiful book we own and to know that Salley actually crafted all of the little scenes for the Rhymes makes it that much more special. It's a magical thing to see somebody use their god given gift. This book is just pure inspiration for creativity.

  •     My daughter (4 years old) and I checked this out from the library and I spent the evening after she went to bed poring through the pages, delighting in the incredible detail on each page. The stitching is EXQUISITE, the colors beautiful, the found objects and beads completely coherent with the softness of the hand-dyed felt. It's simply one of the most incredible books (as well as most incredible pieces of art) I've held in my hands in a very long time and inspired me to immediately order a copy for our family and for my daughter's preschool teacher. Oh, and then I had to order several other Salley Mavor books, too, to keep the enjoyment going. Now off to give 5-star reviews to those as well! My daughter loves this book, too, delighting in finding unusual beads and other details on each page. She flips through it during her "nap" time - I can hear her chanting from memory the nursery rhymes as she turns the pages. Such a treasure!

  •     Such a neat book. Salley is so creative. She is so skilled at her craft.


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