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The Fairy Necklaces (Flower Fairies)

Press:Warne Warne (August 1, 1992)
Publication Date:1992-08-01
Author Name:Cicely Mary Barker


When Jenny wishes she had a different necklace for every day of the year, the fairies decide to satisfy her desire.


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  •     I first read this book to my little girl in 1975. She was four. The prose is a little lengthy but the illustrations and the story make it worth the the effort. The book was in our public library and was terribly tattered and worn. We loved the magical drawings and the wonderful little story where being good and working hard is rewarded. And since I believe in fairies, I was delighted to find this little book to share with my daughter. But, it wasn't until five years ago that I was able to find this book and order it from a bookstore. Since then, I have purchased many copies of this book and others by Cicely Mary Barker. She was truly an incredible artist and her drawings will delight children of all ages!

  •     Gorgeous book and artwork, as you would expect of Cicely Mary Barker's work. My three-year-old and I love reading this together!

  •     I have a very old, somewhat tattered, copy of this book, under it's first title, "Groundsel and Necklaces". I've had it since I was a little girl in the fifties, and I still love to read it, and have read it to my daughters. It's such a lovely story, and the illustrations are fabulous. I'm really excited to learn that it has been reissued, and I can buy it for the children of friends and relatives. I've always been afraid my book will fall apart, but now I know I can find it again!


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