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Hidden Flower Fairies

Press:Warne Warne; Nov Pop edition (May 14, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-05-14
Author Name:Cicely Mary Barker


Follow the course of a typical day in Fairyopolis, from sunrise to sunset! Each spread contains a paper- engineered viewer revealing a magical 3-D scene of Flower Fairies going about their daily life! Each spread is set in a different natural environment with distinctive color schemes. 
Children will love peering into each magical scene!


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Comment List (Total:7)

  •     This book is so beautiful in its art. I love looking at the pictures and finding something new each time. Lovely fairy book!

  •     My 4.5 year-old daughter and I are fans of the Flower Fairies books which have the fairy artwork of Cicely Mary Barker. My daughter loves the pop-up features and I'm always on the lookout for similar books, or any other fairy-themed books. In "Hidden Flower Fairies", the book explores via 3-D scenes [in each spread], the daily rituals of flower fairies from sunrise to sunset. The illustrations are delightful and the 3-D scenes make exploring fun both for little ones and adults. A nice addition to the Flower Fairies series.

  •     Have purchased most of Cicely Mary Barker's fairy books. There is no comparison to her illustrations--hands down the best. And the pop-out style pages make the search so much fun. My granddaughters love to explore these books.

  •     Beautiful book. Magical.

  •     This is a beautiful book and little girls will love it. The hidden-ness is in pull-out images but even I'm not sure how exactly they are supposed to work. I guess one just expands them and peers inside, which is nice, but a rambunctious little one would be frustrated, I think, by these and they can easily tear.

  •     My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter just loves these books. I found them very colorful and whimsical and enjoyed the stories. I have ordered several of the series and love them all. Fairies are special people!

  •     Gorgeous artwork and ingenious pop-ups. Purchased another of the Flower Fairies books for my 4 year-old grandchild. She loves them!


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