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The Firebird (Rabbit Ears: A Classic Tale (Spotlight))

Press:Spotlight Spotlight (MN); Library Bound Edition edition (January 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-01-11
Author Name:Brad Kessler


With the aid of his magical Horse of Power, a young archer fulfills the increasingly difficult requests of Tsar Ivan and wins the hand of Princess Vasilissa.


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  •     Vivid retelling of a great, underknown fairy tale with gorgeous illustrations. Sarandon is above average in the recording, while the musical accompaniment is evocative and supportive. Lovely Russian elements to both the music and the artwork. Both my daughters -- aged 2 and 4 -- love it, and it's sent me searching for comparable audio tales from Rabbit Ears.

  •     "The Fool and the Flying Ship" was the first Russian folktale that I have read and has been the only one for awhile until I stumbled upon "The Firebird" which is read tenderly by Susan Sarandon along with Russian influenced music by Mark Isham and beautiful illustrations by Robert Van Nutt, who also illustrated the Rabbit Ears' versions of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Emperor and the Nightingale," and "The Savior is Born.""The Firebird" is about how a young archer named Ivan along with his Horse of Power find a mysterious feather of the Firebird and Ivan decides to bring it to the Tsar of Russia. Unfortunately, the Tsar wanted the whole Firebird and after that task is completed, he sets Ivan on more tasks, including getting the Princess that the Tsar wants to marry."The Firebird" is a wonderful story about the power of friendship and love and how they both conquer the greediness of the Tsar. "The Firebird" is another classic tale from the Rabbit Ears series that everyone will surely love for many years. Also, check out "The Fool and the Flying Ship" another Russian folktale narrated by Robin Williams.

  •     A magical journey and stimulates the imagination!

  •     The adventures of how Ivan the archer and his wise "Horse of Power" survive the greed and selfishness of the czar make for an excellent adventure. Our 8-year old (knight loving) son and 5-year old (horse and princess crazy) daughter loved reading the book and listening to the audio version while we were traveling in the car. This is an entertaining way to pass time while zipping down the interstate and makes for good "quiet" time with the kids at home.


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