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Finn McCoul (Rabbit Ears: A Classic Tale (Spotlight))

Press: Abdo Publishing Company (January 1, 2005)
Author Name:Gleeson, Brian


Retells the Irish folktale in which the giant Finn McCoul and his very clever wife defeat the brutish giant Cuculin.


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  •     was gift for my grandson he loved it

  •     Im so glad I have this version!! I originally bought the VHS of this story, and was delighted then. The entire Rabbit Ears publishing was unique back then, because they had voice actors voicing the books and had limited animation to go along.... It was very fun, and it motivated me to become an artist in the Children's book genre. Peter De Seve is the artist here, and he is a master of his craft, and his credits are too long to list here, except to say that he is one of the major visual art contributors for Blue Sky and Dreamworks, and Pixar.... Highly recommend this one!

  •     Got this as a baby gift for a child named Finn. I mean what more could a kid ask but to be named for the Hero that is so Cool!

  •     This book was even better than expected. The only problem is the paperback was on the small side so we couldn't pore over the gorgeous illustrations as much as we would have liked (and the story is a little too wordy to read to a class if they can't see the illustration very well). Otherwise it was excellent.

  •     This is a favourite story of mine and one I share with my students. I didn't read the size and would have liked the book to be bigger for showing purposes. The illustrations are fabulous!

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