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Growing Money: A Complete (and Completely Updated!) Investing Guide for Kids

Press:A Complete Investing Guide for Kids

Press:Price Stern Sloan Price Stern Sloan; Updated edition (November 12, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-11-12
Author Name:Gail Karlitz


This newly updated edition of Growing Money answers every question a budding investor might ask: How do you read stock pages? What's the difference between stocks and bonds? Why do stocks go up and down? How can I keep track of investments? Can kids invest?  There has never been a time when the world of finance has been so much a part of kids' daily lives. 
Today's kids want to know everything about money-especially how to make it grow.
This completely updated guide explains savings accounts, bonds, stocks, and even mutual funds! Included are fun quizzes to reveal a young investor's risk tolerance, stories of success and failure, a behind-the-scenes look at the New York Stock Exchange, and best of all, an imaginary fund of dollars to invest, along with suggestions for selecting companies compatible with kids' values.
New to this edition are chapters on financial responsibility, true-life tales of other kid investors, and step-by-step instructions of just how to buy stocks.
Tell your parents-investing isn't only for grown-ups anymore!


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  •     I purchased this for my grandson. It appears to offer good info for kids, so hope he reads it. I haven't read it, so I can't speak from personal experience.

  •     I live by the motto if you don't train your kids to survive financially you are training them to live life below standard. This book is a great entry level book.

  •     I liked it - - read most of it before I gave it to my14 year old grandson. Again, he was more interestedin an XBox and nerf gun - - of course!! He liked the$25 I gave him but not the $25 I deposited in the savingsaccount I started for him. Maybe he will sneak and read itwhen no one is watching. One can only hope.

  •     The larger font size implies this book should be for ages eight to around twelve. If you purchase it for ages older than that, my guess is the child will feel like the book is...

  •     Financial literacy is not something taught in such a structured way in most families. It's often a hodge podge of hard knock lessons and information passively gleaned from...

  •     This is a great book written so kids can easily understand it and get them started on the road to investing, saving, and money management.

  •     A must read book! Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids*Awesome explanation for kids to understand how to invest money*Easy Reading

  •     kids really like it and very informative for all ages.

  •     I bought this for my son but I learned a lot from it also. It made stocks and investing less confusing.

  •     I would definitely buy this one again if we lost it. I like that children can learn in a fun way about investing.

  •     A wonderful book! I can finally teach investing to my 4-6 grade students. GROWING MONEY actually makes this intimidating topic interesting to kids, and is clear enough to give me the confidence to teach it. Although it claims to be for ages 9-12, it made a great gift for my 16 year old nephew. He's been recommending it to all his friends as well.

  •     Book is simplified on how to make money. Talks on banking, to stock market and investment. I think this book is good for children and teens. Great buy for any age children to adults who are just beginning to figure out what they may want to with money.

  •     great book

  •     This was a gift for my granddaughter...the level of success in stimulating her interest in investing is as yet unknown, but the book seems a good start.


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