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Antelope (Safari Animals)

Press: PowerKids Press (January 15, 2011)
Author Name:Gibbs, Maddie


The open plains and savannas of Africa are full of many diverse species of antelopes, from delicate gazelles to large, powerful Elands. 
This book introduces kids to several species and discusses the lives and habits of these speedy herbivores.


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  •     This book is great for younger readers or even those being read to. It has a little over 100 words, typed in large clear type with basic facts and information. Each text page faces one of 10 beautiful, crisp clear full-page photos of various type of antelope, including: gemsbok, Thomson's gazelles, springbok, eland, impala, gerenuk and a few others. I had a very difficult time finding books with good pictures and concise information on antelopes, but this one is great. The only things I felt could have been better were #1:there were a few photos that weren't labeled as to specific type of antelope and if you have a kid who wants to know these details, you're going to be googling images to find similar photos, and #2:there are several pictures that are printed partially onto the facing page of text, and while this was a neat concept, it just didn't really work great because of the binding. Still, all in all, we were very pleased with the book.


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