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Ten Little Babies

Press: Sterling (August 5, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-8
Author Name:Fujikawa, Gyo (ILT)


You can count on Gyo Fujikawa to create adorable babies—and this rhyming counting book has ten little ones to start the fun! All together the toddlers enjoy their bottles; then one throws his away, leaving nine. 
Naptime’s next, as the group snuggles peacefully into a soft cloud—but a wide-eyed child starts to play and now we’ve got eight.
The joyful hijinks continue as the tots get sticky with marmalade, get up to some naughty tricks, bang on the floor, and more.
Page by page, the countdown continues until: One little baby, alone having fun.
He became a grownup, and then there were NONE!


Children's Books,Early Learning,Basic Concepts,Counting

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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Gyo Fujikawa is an excellent author and illustrator, and this book is no exception. Designed for small children, it employs rhyme and basic number skills as the story progresses from 10 babies to one. My children love this book.

  •     One of my favorites! I enjoy reading this book to my two girls, and essentially know it by heart now. I give this book as a gift to all new mothers I know.

  •     Beautiful illustrations and sweet story!

  •     My favorite book for children ever!

  •     Love it

  •     Love the books from Gyo Fujikawa. Wonderful illustrations and variety of ethnicity in the babies in the book. Bright colors and sturdy pages.

  •     We found this book at the library and my toddler fell in love with the adorable illustrations. We ordered her a copy of her very own for her second birthday. We loved the illustrations so much we began reading other books from this same author. I would highly this book to anyone with young children.

  •     This is our favorite book to give for birthdays. The illustrations are so sweet and cute.

  •     This is one of my favorite baby books anywhere. The babies are silly and ADORABLE, and they are fun to count with my toddler.

  •     Baby girl loves babies, so of course liked this nice board book.

  •     Our little one isn't so little, but at five is able to read this book on her own. The illustrations are so cute! All the little babies being counted down to none.

  •     I love everything written by Gyo Fujikawa and my baby does too! The illustrations make the books, and as a child I could look at them for hours. This is a very cute counting book, simple and repetitive. I do wonder though...where all those babies ended up at the end of the book!! When you really pay attention to the words it starts to seem like those babies are all ending up someplace sinister...!

  •     This book is like little baby crack! My grandmaother gave it to my daughter when she was 1 1/2 and for months it was the only book she wanted to read at night! Then she forgot about it for awhile, only reading it once in awhile. Now she's 3 and her little sister is 1 1/2 and wouldn't you know the book has made a comeback. My 3 yr old practically has it memorized. Lol, I know I do! They fought over who would hold it so much, that I went out today and bought another copy.

  •     I discovered this book completely by chance at a store and was immediately captured by the illustration. Turns out it is my 1 year old baby's favorite too! Every day she'll bring the book to me and have me flip it through with her. When she saw the page where babies are playing and one is on a rocking horse, she ran to her rocking horse and starts to rock too! I only thought the illustrations are too cute to pass, but never expected my baby to like the book so much! Highly recommended for toddlers!

  •     We have several Gyo Fujikawa books. This is definitely a favorite. I like the rhyming storyline and colorful illustrations. During the course of the book, we can point out the different activities the children are involved in. We can practice counting. As always, the diversity of the children is a definite plus. I would most certainly recommend this book to others or purchase as a gift.

  •     Any book from Gyo Fujikawa is beautiful and worth adding to the collection. My daughter at 16 months loves the pictures and it keeps her attention with short phrases on each page.

  •     This is my 9 month old's favorite book! She loves to look at the pictures. She will often pick it up and crawl into my lap. This book is a must have!

  •     Beautiful book


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