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Barbie and the Diamond Castle (Step into Reading)

Press: Random House Books for Young Readers (August 12, 2008)
Author Name:Depken, Kristen L.


BARBIE® STARS AS Liana, a humble peasant living in a cozy cottage in the woods with her best friend, Alexa. 
When Liana and Alexa find two strange, heart-shaped stones, they begin a magical journey to the Diamond Castle, where they use their love of music to save three Muses and defeat the vengeful villain Lydia.From the Trade Paperback edition.


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  •     I gave it 3 stars mainly because it was a nice step into reading book, level 2, for a little girl. Aside from it being a good practicing book for new readers, the storyline was pretty blah in these pages. I found myself having trouble following it because it left out so much of the movie, that the story in these pages was really not much of a story. If I hadn't known the movie, I would have been sitting there with a million questions afterwards. Having said that, most little girls that sit down to read this book have seen the movie, and any details left out are already fluttering through their minds, leaving their reading experience fulfilled!*As for the comments about them being served beer, it shows them in an eatery place like an inn, eating fruit and drinking out of tin mugs with handles. They could have easily been drinking water for all we know. I don't find this small detail to be something more important that young ones practicing to read with books they enjoy.Example quote: "Then Lydia turned the good muses to stone."Teaching opportunity: One of the basic ideas throughout this story is helping another. Liana and Alexa decide to help Melody, as long as finding ways to help eachother. Talk with your children about the importance of helping others, even if it is to simply help a sibbling pick up their toys. Discuss specific situations and come up with ideas together on how they could step foreward and help. Point out ways that your children already help eachother, or you. Teach them the importance of a helping hand!

  •     I find that the Barbie books are either very good or very bad. Unfortunately this was one that disappointed, and this time both my daughter and I found it lacking and usually she is much more forgiving than I. First, Slider the dragon- like creature is much more viscious and mean looking in the books than in the movie. Lydia is much harsher and even darker. And to be honest trying to do a full length movie in 24 pages is ludicrous. The story is somewhat fragmented and a little disjointed. My daughter and I were both left wanting with this book.

  •     My girls really enjoyed this book. I however thought some of the names were hard to pronounce for their age level.

  •     I would not recommend this story, the plot is unbelievable and the characters are silly and shallow

  •     Five stars? Really? For a book where the Barbie twins go to a bar, meet two twin brother strangers, who appear to buy them beer and offer help? It's right there, on pages 18 and 19. Is this an easy read we're talking about... or Cosmo?This seems completely inappropriate for an easy reader. Wow.

  •     I have some pretty typical little kids. My son is crazy about pirates and castles, while my daughter is mad about anything pink and princess. I got this book for her birthday and now every night at bedtime, it's Barbie story for her, and pirate stories for him. The best part is that when they begin to read, these books will be easy for them.As well, I`m an ESL/EFL instructor and these could be used in classes for elementary school aged students.

  •     My Grand daughters love this book and all in the Barbie series. They are excellent quality, very colorful pages, and go along with the Barbie movies. I think they are suitable for advanced 1st or 2nd grade students to begin reading.

  •     My 5-year old daughter picked this book out at a book fair. She recently picked out Barbie Mermaid Tale at the next book fair and I will not buy it for her because Diamond Castle is so bad.Beautiful girls live together in woods, find magic heart stones, find magic mirror, set off on a journey to find Diamond Castle and save from evil, selfish muse, find puppies along the way, handsome twin musicians help the girls escape, then about 10 other random twists happen in the story. If this book was based on a movie, the author should not have followed it so well, because the book is too complex with too many twists for the book's limited number of pages and illustrations.


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