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Costco First Words Flash Card Book (Flash Cards and Book Set)

Press: Priddy Books; 1 edition (July 8, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-7
Author Name:Not Available (NA)


20 shaped flash cards to fit into the corresponding space on the pageCards can also be used independentlyEncourages work and picture recognition, and hand-eye coordination


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  •     I'm an Early Intervention Specialist and I use this book with several of my clients to introduce and produce words. They LOVE it! It's so much fun to see them put the pieces into the book.

  •     Loot full, bright colors and very sturdy! Love the pouch on the back of the book for the Flash Cards. This will definitely become a go to gift for 1-2 year olds!

  •     I bought this for my 15 month old daughter. After just 2 weeks of playing with it... she's able to identify all the peices and put them into place! Then, she takes all of the flashcards out and scatters them onto the floor. Now, I'm working with her to find each of the objects on the floor. (Where's the fish? Where's the cat?) It's really amazing to watch the day to day progress!!My only 2 MINOR complaints are: 1) My daughter has a hard time fitting the peices into the desired spots. We normally have to help her fit them into place. 2)The pocket on the back to store the flashcards doesn't close. I wish there was a flap to keep the cards inside. I also wish there were other books like this one!

  •     I originally bought my nephew this book about the time he turned 1 and now he is 2 1/2 and I have to buy a new one to replace his very loved copy!

  •     my 2 year old love it.

  •     My son is 14 months old and likes looking at the pictures in this book. The pictures are great. He likes taking out the puzzle pieces and carrying them around.

  •     We always love Roger Priddy books.The keep our daughter entertained. She loves the puzzle peices in this book.

  •     Five stars for this wonderful book! My 18 month old daughter LOVESit! She can play with it and read it for hours, several times a day. She loves to turn the pages (it's a large board book), match the pictures to the cards, put the cards back in the spots and take them out. She'll carry the cards around in her pockets. I picked it up because I love all of Roger Priddy's books and this one is perhaps my favorite. As other reviewers have noted, it is a book, flash cards, and a puzzle all in one package. The flash cards pop out fairly easily - two my daughter had a hard time with and tore part of the surface from, but that's okay since the pictures are the same on the cards and the book itself. Also, there is a pocket on the back of the book to store the cards if your child doesn't put them back in their individual spots. Another great feature of this book is that the cardboard pages are finished in a way that they are dry-erase friendly. I only recently discovered dry-erase crayons (highly recommended and have replaced all other marking tools for my daughter who loves to draw on anything that will stand still) and we use these in the book and everything just wipes clean with a damp cloth. It's a great book! Get it, your child will love it!

  •     I have a 2 1/2 yr old son who has been crazy about this book for about a year now! Early on, he loved it for the shapes (and trying to fit the flashcards back into their places) but soon enough he started learning the words. many of the cards were among his first 20 words. He still loves this book & plays with it often :o)

  •     My daughter loves this book. SHe loves all the Priddy books but this one is her favorite. She will play with it for hours. The pop out pieces fall out easily and at first it was annoying but once my 16 month old started trying to put the pieces back I thought it was great. It's an excellent learning tool and has helped my daughters vocabulary like you wouldn't believe. We went from her rarely speaking to trying to name the pictures and trying to talk all the time.

  •     It's been difficult finding a complete book. This one was missing many pieces but I'm glad I got a book. This is possibly my 4th time attempting to order this book

  •     My baby loves this book. It's a book, when you take out the flashcards, putting them back in is like a puzzle. They won't really stay in much after you've loosened them, which is fine, because you'll probably store them in the back pocket and use them as flashcards as they were meant to be. The pictures underneath the flashcards are exactly the same as the flashcards, so they aren't necessary to be in the book. I wish there were a volume 2.

  •     My 2 year old granddaughter wants to read this book every day, multiple times. She loves to take out the puzzle pieces and put them back, over and over again. She points to every picture and says the ones she knows: duck, truck, apple, ballIt is a great book for this age. I highly recommend it. My only complaint is when the book is closed many of the puzzle pieces fall out. I recommend a sleeve or envelope for the whole book to keep the pieces from getting lost.Grandmother of one.

  •     This is a very fun Book to play with, My son use this book almost everyday. This is a fun way to teach Children's words and puzzle.


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