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F is for Farm (Baby Touch and Feel)

Press: Priddy Books (February 19, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-2
Author Name:Priddy, Roger


-Large areas of textured fabrics for children to touch and feel.-Touch and feel words as well as pictures helps babies to develop sensory awareness.-Soft to touch flocked words and pictures.


Children's Books,Early Learning,Basic Concepts,Sense & Sensation,Geography & Cultures,Where We Live,Farm Life,Animals,Farm Animals

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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     Just like B is for Bear, this is a great book. It is very sturdy so my 20 month old hasn't been able to break any of the moving parts.

  •     My daughter loves this book! But since she's 18 months, she's not so great at keeping things nice. So, while she loves the moving parts, she has torn each item that moves back and...

  •     Our Granddaughter lives in the big city. She really loves the book with the textures and that it is "Farm" oriented, like where her grandparents live.

  •     2 of the pulls are impossible for my 19 month old. Not a ton to feel or look at on each page and the text isn't anything stellar.

  •     The fact that duct tape holds together the binding of our copy of this book is a testament to the mileage it's had with our three grandsons!

  •     I got this for my daughter when she was 10 months old, and it is easily her favorite book! She is now 13 months and she wants me to read if to her all the time.

  •     I love all of Priddy's books. These are great because the little ones can't rip the pages and they have plenty of sensory touch and feel items. Large, bright pictures.

  •     This is the book my 1 1/2 year old grandson most often requests, exclaiming "'tory!" and climbing onto my lap to cuddle and "Ooooo" over the colorful pages which often include something for him to do as well as see. He is happily surprised each time he opens the barn doors and rediscovers the bright blue tractor parked inside, loves to pull the tab that makes the duck's bill open and close and giggles over the pigs' sticky noses. The tantalizing full-page, larger than life illustration of a sliced orange with sparkly droplets of "juice" nearly always prompts him to ask for a drink of "wa-wa!"F is for Farm is a colorful conglomeration of all things farm-related - from heavy machinery, to sweet baby ducklings with "real" tufts of soft feathers to feel. With it's heavy, durable construction, this book should last through several more grandchildren, to the delight of each.

  •     My 3 year old became obsessed with this book when we would pick my 6 year old up from school because they have it in the school office. My 3 year old started asking if we could go into the office everyday just so he could read this book. After checking multiple book stores and having no luck, I was told by the office assistant to check Amazon. AMAZING! This book showed up in almost perfect condition. The corners were a little dinged but all of the flaps and pull arrows are perfect and work without any problems. For $6 (With shipping) this is the best value I've ever received!!!!! My son is in love and I couldn't be more thrilled.

  •     My 19 old loves books. Books with animals, numbers, the alphabet, really anything that "teaches" her (and has a rhythm to it), is typically a hit. Like most at this age, she likes the interactive books as well. We read countless books for naptime & betime (and in between) and had this book since she was about 11 months. She wasn't interested in this book at all until she was 16/17 month...now it's a regular in the line up. In her earlier months (14 & 15 months) she liked another Priddy book called "First 100 Animals"(Big Board Book). Although it's just pictures & the names of animals, she gets a kick out of pointing to each one when we ask her to identify each animal. Other books that have been hits are: Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, several Sandra Boynton books.

  •     My 9 month old son and I love this book! It's nice that it's a large size touch and feel.

  •     I never write reviews but this book came to me with dried up food in it amongst other disgusting unknown substances. It was colored on and just nasty.

  •     My little girl absolutely loves this book. It is actually a replacement book. The first addition tore. She loves the life-like animals.

  •     My daughter love this book so much that she has pretty much destroyed it. The pages are pretty durable, but the binding has come apart from her repeated use.


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