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Baby EyeLike: Circle

Press: Play Bac (April 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-4
Author Name:playBac Edu-Team


From peas and pebbles, all the way to the moon – circles are all around us!  Discover the wonder of shapes in the natural world, and the joy of circles!Inspired by the bold graphic design of the best-selling EyeLike series, Baby EyeLike opens the door to a lifetime of discovery. 
Each page is simple - yet dramatic - in design and detail.
Die-cut pages reinforce the learning theme and allow babies and toddlers to grip and learn.


Children's Books,Early Learning,Basic Concepts,Size & Shape

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  •     Great books, especially for potty time! They are small so my daughter can easily flip through them as she sits on the potty, reach down and grab another one. We also play little peek-a-boo games through the hole, she reaches through to grab my finger, etc. Provides lots of entertainment & the size makes them great for travel. In addition to the functionality, the photographs are beautiful and I like that she is learning from real images rather than the common illustrations in children's books.


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