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B is for Bear: A Very First Book for the Baby You Love

Press:Macmillan Priddy Books; FIRST EDITION edition (March 6, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-3
Author Name:Priddy, Roger


This alphabet board book is perfect for babies and toddlers. 
With touch and feel pages, fun photographs, and cute rhymes for babies and parents to enjoy together, this brilliant book of first words is sure to become a family favorite.
Each colorful page will stimulate your child's senses and encourage their imagination – from Apple to Zebra!


Children's Books,Early Learning,Basic Concepts,Alphabet,Animals,Bears

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  •     My daughter loved reading the book for years, I bought this one as a baby shower present. Every other page has something new for the child to feel and the little sayings on each page are nice.

  •     Granddaughter loves this book so much that she "loved" the first we had to pieces. I got two this time to have one as back up.

  •     My granddaughter loves this book. It is sa classic. She loves to feel the textures of the pages. It will be my go to book for baby gifts.

  •     My son loves this book. It has some great sensory intractable elements included.

  •     It's a cute book, nice size. Lots of touch and feel areas

  •     Such a great book for my grandson! Great for any child but especially for children with Autism! He loves the textures in the book!

  •     When my daughter was an infant she loved this book so much at it wore out. When my son was infant he loved the worn out book so much we had to buy a new one so he could enjoy it most nights before bed. The touch and feel keeps his attention the entire book.

  •     This is our second copy because we wore out our first. While I don't love some of the words the author chose to represent the letters (e.g.

  •     Third copy. Kids love it to shreds! Literally.

  •     The book I have has a white background and the bear's ears are fuzzy on the cover. What I found misleading is that the book claims to be a "touch and feel" book, but only...

  •     This book was both of my children's favorite. I buy it now for shower gifts because I know it is a tried and true winner.

  •     I received this as a shower gift for nh daughter and I now buy it for anyone having a baby. My book has an all white cover but they have a purplish one now. I have to say I prefer the white.Each page is a different letter and a big picture of an item from the alphabet. One picture per spread is textured. The rhyme is not annoying and I know it by heart now. My daughters favorite page has always been the y which has a little mirror. We've read this more than any other book and she never tires of it.

  •     Perfect book for our 9 month old. He has a stuffed bear that looks just like the picture so we do eyes, ears, nose, mouth and he is learning. Perfect little kitty with a little ball of string that he really likes. There is a cute picture with a flower with sparkly glitter on it that he loves. Of course, there is a mirror at the end which he loves. Right amount of pages and very sturdy. A favorite!!!

  •     We've had this book since our son was 3 months old and it's in his top 5. He loves touching the parts that are fuzzy and smiles every time I say let's read B is for Bear - he even brings the book to us to read all the time. He's 13 months now and still brings this book to be read.We purchased it as gifts for other young ones since ours loves it so much!

  •     This book is absolutely fantastic for little ones.First of all, it's a BIG book. Especially when compared to the typical board book for infants. Its size helps to present the pictures in a clear and vivid way. Also, the size makes this book feel more sturdy and able to withstand the wear and tear of long-term use. It feels a bit like those old school black & white composition books from grade school on steroids.Secondly, the touch and feel aspect of the book makes it more entertaining than simply reading through some average book page by page. In other words, every few pages or so, your child will get to "touch & feel" a strawberry or a puppy or a teddybear. It is [for lack of a better word] very "cute". A bonus is that the rhymes aren't repetitive or annoying for parents to read. Most adults will even find themselves running their fingers over the "suds" or "paint" along with their children.Third, the author managed to incorporate a lot of different things for you to point to and elaborate further on to your child. "Yes, you should eat ALL of these vegetables. This one is a... And that one is a ... " There's even a mirror for your little one/s to delight over. It's wisely placed at the end of the book so that your LO (little one) has something to anticipate.Just a great, well-thought out book.

  •     love this book, But right now the book was "dead" hahaha

  •     I love this book. I buy this book for every one of my friends that has a baby. Both of my sons had this book and they loved it. The pictures are beautiful photos and so colorful. Each page features a touch and feel that baby will enjoy as he gets older. It is such a fun book to look at and encourage your baby to learn. Definitely recommend to all new parents.

  •     Cute book for little kids. Was another tool I used to help my children recognize uppercase letters.

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