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Four Seasons (Baby Genius)

Press:Dk Pub DK Children (March 29, 2004)
Author Name:Not Available (NA)


Look together at the photographs. 
What's happening? What kind of weather is it? Is it hot or cold? How do you know? Which season does your child like best? Baby Genius is well known for introducing babies to classical music and other early-learning tools using CD and video formats.
Now Baby Genius and DK have joined forces to present these dazzling board books, which combine Baby Genius's stimulating approach to learning and DK's beautiful photographs and appealing design.


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  •     It has wonderful colours and photos. I think it's helpful for teaching kids the different Seasons. A must have.

  •     this board book is a nice introduction to the seasons; the photographs are vivid and interesting. I only wish there was a little text, helping parents explain the differences between the seasons. Still, my two year old likes this book a lot.

  •     DK Publishing has joined forces with Baby Genius to create entertaining books for babies. These books combine Baby Genius' philosophy with DK's amazing photographs and designs. Baby Genius is a leading producer/publisher of classical, instrumental and vocal CDs and videos for young children.In this book, children are introduced to pictures of:Spring: Daffodils, lambs, splashing raindrops.Summer: The beach, a pool, butterflies, a wet dog.Fall: Leaves, tasty apples, walking in a forest.Winter: Warm gloves, frosty leaves, a chilly snowman.Then, there is a page of children dressed for each season. I like how they photographed the same tree in all seasons. The last scenes shows the animals you can expect to see in each season.Four Seasons is a sturdy book that can be enjoyed for years. The photography is so good you can almost imagine reaching out and touching the page and actually feeling the cold, crisp snow or imagine you are inhaling the scent of autumn leaves. The photography is simply stunning.Highly recommended as a teaching guide for babies and toddlers who are already curious about their world. This book helps to put words with their real-life learning experiences.Also look for:Baby Animals: Colors, Numbers, ShapesZoo Animals~The Rebecca Review

  •     We have read this book so many times, I can recite it from memory. It has really great pictures and simple information.


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