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The Kitty Cat Alphabet Book

Press:Independent Pub Group A&D Books (October 1, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-10
Author Name:Burris, Andrea/ Schad, Anna


Vivid color illustrations and clever rhyming verses take you through the alphabet while showing the charming and funny side of our feline friends.


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  •     In THE KITTY CAT ALPHABET BOOK, parents and educators are given an easy, yet effective new way of teaching their children, and/or students the alphabet. Each page contained in this adorable gem features a short, rhyming poem featuring a certain letter. Accompanying the poems are illustrations featuring various cats, big and small, of all colors participating in various activities. The lovely illustrations will hold the interest of young children, while the wonderful prose will help them to learn the alphabet in a quick and easy manner. A must have in any home where young children reside; and an absolute must for all classrooms, especially those of pre-school and kindergarten teachers, for it's never to early for children to learn the alphabet!Erika SoroccoBook Review Columnist for The Community Bugle Newspaper

  •     This book is a new favorite. Wonderful illustrations and catchy words. My kids are grown but my niece sure loves it! I would highly recommend this book to anyone with kids.

  •     This book, and the Dog Lover's Alphabet Book by the same authors/illustrators, are delightful. Cheerful illustrations and a touch of wry humor make them such fun to read--for children and the reader! Pet lovers will recognize their own favorites among these pages.

  •     Some of the meter is a bit ... eh. And a few of the rhymes are a stretch. But a fun book for cat-lovers nonetheless!

  •     My daughter is only 2 and she has loved this book since she was an infant. The author autographed it (thank you!) and we received it as a gift for my baby shower. Our daughter recites line after line and, at 2 years old, has nearly the entire book memorized. She loves it!


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