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Jungle Friends

Press:Barrons Juveniles Barron's Educational Series; Mus Ragbk edition (May 1, 2004)
Author Name:Ferri, Francesca (ILT)


Here is a delightful   soft, padded cloth book for baby. 
Each page shows a friendly animal's face with a single word that identifies the animal friend.
The animal face on each front cover has extra padding to add a 3D effect.
Part of each face on every page also has a texture that contrasts with the rest of the page's smooth fabric.
For example, the Dog on one of the pages has soft, furry ears, and the Duck on another page has a bright orange corduroy beak.
The book is circular in shape, with a Velcro tab to keep it shut, and a cloth handle at the spine, so toddlers can carry it around.
(Ages Infant -3)


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