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Sleepy Bunny (Pat the Bunny Cloth Book)

Press:Random House Childrens Books Golden Books; Ragbk edition (September 9, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-9
Author Name:Golden Books


Inspired by the classic touch-and-feel book pat the bunny, Sleepy Bunny is a deluxe cloth book that is perfect for bedtime. 
Children can move the plush bunny from page to page as they hear all about how Bunny gets ready for bed, and then help tuck him in.
Soft enough for snuggling up to after reading, this plush edition is a perfect pairing with the classic "must-have" baby gift.
Packaged in a sturdy gift box all ready for gift wrap!


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     A great addition to the Pat the Bunny story. I love that it is totally soft and easy for teeny hands.

  •     Not as good as Pat the Bunnygood book

  •     The book is not machine washable. Useless as a cloth baby book. Trying to Surface wash each page of a coth is ridiculous.A waste of money.

  •     Loved it!

  •     A cloth version of a classic book! My little one loves to pat the bunny.

  •     I adored these books as children. They are so perfect in the cloth version. Love them!!!

  •     A gift for our friends child who is 18 months. She loved it and enjoyed being able to "tuck" the bunny into bed.

  •     No more getting poked by a hard book when my son wants to fall asleep holding one!

  •     I loved this little book. It was very soft and will be perfect for the new baby in our family.

  •     Got this as a gift and it looks great!

  •     We got this when my son was born and he's now 15 months old and still loves this book. Since he's still teething, he'll chew on board books if they get left in the play pen when I'm washing dishes or small chores. I can leave this cloth book in his playpen for him to look through without having to worry about torn or chewed pages. Cloth books are a great way to keep him interested in books and reading early on; he'll even pick them up and bring them to me to hold/read to him while he sits in the lap quietly, turning the pages. This one is still his favorite and he'll pick it out of all the ones we have for him to read (especially when he's about to nap or go to bed at night).

  •     Lacks pockets where you can place bunny and not as fun as Goodnight Teddy. Good and recommend, but not great!

  •     My twin niece and nephew loved this. Good colors, solid construction.

  •     We received this book as a gift for my son. I had Pat the Bunny as a kid, but I'd never seen such a cool cloth book; we've been showing it to visitors when they come over. It's very entertaining to hop the bunny through the scenes, and I know we'll have lots of fun with the book in the future. What a great way to get kids (and the adults they read with) involved in the story!The scenes are charming, and the concept combines storytime (and bedtime, since the sleepy bunny is getting ready for bed) with playtime. I'm very excited that people are thinking outside the box as they create products for children.

  •     This product is cute and soft but I wish there was a pocket on each set of pages to make it more interactive.

  •     Great product

  •     Goodnight Teddy is our all time favorite, but this did not come anywhere NEAR as fun. The story is very blah, no rhythm or rhyming... not fun.


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