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The Very Busy Spider's Favorite Words (The World of Eric Carle)

Press:Price Stern Sloan Grosset & Dunlap (September 6, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-9
Author Name:Carle, Eric


Kids will love flipping through this chunky board book, their first step to reading Eric Carle books on their own! The book features ten images and ten easy words from Eric Carle’s classic books. 
First-time readers will love to learn these words and pictures and then find them later in the original picture books!


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  •     My baby adores this book. Perfect for his chubby little hands. He loves the simple picture (with my expert coordinating animal sounds ;) ) and it's a perfect size to bring on the go. I'm on the hunt for other books this size, but they all seem to be bigger. This is definitely a fave!

  •     Tad small still good!

  •     My 2 1/2 yr old loves this tiny little book :) The very busy spider is one of his favorites and this tiny pocket sized word book is constantly in his pocket!

  •     Love this book! The pictures are classic Eric Carle and the small size makes it so easy for a toddler to hold. It is also a great tool in teaching little ones to read! It is my favorite fun shower present!

  •     I did not expect the book to be so small

  •     Thought this was THE VERY BUSY SPIDER book, not Favorite Words. That'll teach me not to read!!

  •     It was not posted that this was the miniature version of the book...about 1.5 inches wide. cute book, but not what i was expecting in terms of function.

  •     My children have adored this book. Being only 2.5" square, it is perfect for tiny hands to hold and "read" independently.

  •     OK first please realize this is a TINY BOOK, the only negative complaint I read is that people didn't know it was the miniature version (probably 3x3 inches). But then realize that this is a GREAT product for infants.I was given a few of these small books during my baby shower and had the same thought, wow these are small. But my baby has loved them for months and months already (now 11 months). This is perfect for little hands when he started being able to grasp and move objects on his own. He could turn the pages of this book before any others, because they are thicker than other board books. They're easy to carry around with us in a diaper bag and he loves carrying them around the house. We have multiple copies all over the place. I love the simplicity of this book. He's gone through several phases with these, from studying the pictures intently on his own to now bringing them to me to look at with him. I will give these as an add on gift to every baby shower I go to from now on!*When I say "these" I mean the other small books I've found, "The Very Hungry Caterpillars Favorite Words" and "Spots Favorite Colors".

  •     I loved reading the Eric Carle books to my kids and still have most of them. Now buying the hardcover cardboard books for my new grandson. Received on time and exactly as described.

  •     I'm also buying a replacement -- this is a sturdy little book but as it's a favorite of my 2 yr. old, it's seen some love! I'm getting one as a gift, and another for my infant daughter since it's been such a hit. It's great for first words, and teaching colors as well! At one point, my daughter's little friend (1.5 yrs. old) went through the entire book by himself, "reading" the animal names and making their sounds.... just an overall wonderful book, and the tiny size is an asset! I think they love it even more since it fits in their little hands, much like a block.

  •     Very cute book but very small!! No more than 2 inches big. We

  •     I bought this for my 1-year old to use on an plane. It's a very small (3 in.), cube-shaped board book with only 10 "pages." Each page shows one lovely animal illustration from Eric Carle's "The Very Busy Spider" book. My son had fun turning the pages and playing with the book in his hands. When he would open a page, we'd read the name of the animal and make the accompanying animal sound. He loved it (especially the pig). This was considerably more entertaining to him than a normal board book, as the shape/size were just right for his little hands. It held his interest much longer than I expected. Plus its small size makes it very easy to bring in a diaper bag or purse.

  •     This is my one-year-old's favorite book. The book is two inches cubed with 11 "pages." Each page is about a quarter of an inch thick. The size is perfect for his tiny hands, and the very thick pages are easy for him to turn, despite his limited coordination. He can turn the pages of other board books, but only a few pages at a time. This one he can easily get to every page. In addition, the paper binding makes it so the book just flops open--it's not at all rigid like most board books. Unfortunately, my son has loved this book so much that he's torn it in half, and what's left of the binding doesn't hold the rest together very well. It's such a great little book than I'm buying a replacement.

  •     This is the world tiniest book.


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