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Stephanie's Ponytail (Munsch for Kids)


Press:Firefly Books Ltd Annick Press (May 1, 1996)
Author Name:Munsch, Robert N./ Martchenko, Michael (ILT)


None of the kids in her class wear a ponytail, so Stephanie decides she must have one. 
The loud, unanimous comment from her classmates is: “Ugly, ugly, very ugly.” Steadfast, when all the girls have copied her ponytail, she resolves to try a new style.
With true Munsch flair, each of Stephanie’s ponytails is more outrageous than the last, while the cast of copycats grows and grows.


“Predictable, irreverent Munsch.”—School Library Journal

About the Author

Robert Munsch is the author of more than 25 books for children including The Paper Bag Princes and Stephanie's Ponytail. 
He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied to be a Jesuit priest before deciding to work with children instead.
He taught in a variety of nursery schools and daycare centers while he earned an MA in Early Childhood Education.
In 1975, Munsch and his wife, Ann, moved to Guelph, Ontario.
The Munschs have three children: Julie, Andrew, and Tyya (see them all in Something Good!).
Michael Martchenko has illustrated over 30 books for children and has exhibited his work throughout North America.
He has won numerous awards for design and illustration.
He lives with his wife, Patricia, in Toronto.


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  •     I wish I could give this book negative stars. It is horrible. It's mean. I want children to feel good about themselves for being themselves, not for being nasty to other kids. The protagonist taunts the other kids (after being mocked herself), telling them that they are stupid and brainless. And then the happy, triumphant ending is when she gets everyone to shave their heads so that they feel sad and ridiculed. I will never teach my child to feel better about him or herself by putting others down.

  •     Best book everrr!

  •     It was just as listed. Thanks for a great product.

  •     This is such a great story to subtly help children have confidence to be themselves in a world of followers. I love it and my 3 year old granddaughter loves it.

  •     While I love this author and the book. This copy was printed upside down. My son and granddaughter were so disappointed about the quality of the print. want top add photos but it is taking a long time to download. Take my word, Story and Pictures are upside down!

  •     Everyone in class is copying Stephanie's hair style. She finds the most hilarious way to deal with it.Why have I never seen this book before?

  •     My granddaughter loves this book,

  •     haven't received this yet but I used to read it to my 18 year old. now I am buying o read to two younger kids. great story that supports being an individual!

  •     Ok, this and Paperbag Princess are my granddaughter's two new favorite books. You end up buying dozens of books, and I still can't figure out why the kids grab these two books...

  •     I was stunned to find that this book is only about 4" large. I mean it's no bigger than my hand. I am learning to read descriptions more carefully, for sure. It's an adorable story, great lesson about stepping out and trying to be yourself. Funny ending. If you want the full size (normal size) book, this is not the one. This one will fit in your purse, maybe even your wallet.

  •     love love love this book

  •     I ordered this copy for my 5 yo niece because I used to read this to my daughter, who loved it as a child. It was a huge hit.... AGAIN!

  •     My daughter goes to a school where girls are not allowed to wear pants but boys can. We raised the issue with the school board and the matter will be taken under advisement, so hopefully the policy gets changed for next school year. In the meantime, we were told by the principal that nobody would be punished for wearing pants to school when it is cold, so my daughter has elected to wear pants instead of her jumper some days this winter. Well one day a boy in her class teased her that she was in fact a boy because she dressed like one at school. She said she told him that girls wear pants too and to just look at their teacher (who is female and, ironically, wears pants almost daily). When she told me about it, I asked her if his comment made her feel like not wearing pants and just wearing the jumper to school and she replied, "No! Not when it's cold. I like wearing pants." We had a discussion about how important it is to be yourself even if others make fun of you for it. After that discussion, I came to amazon looking for books that illustrated the lesson about nonconformity. Stephanie's Ponytail is a lighthearted and fun book that does just that. Stephanie asks her mom to style her ponytail in various ways. Each time everybody at school teases her about her new ponytail, but when Stephanie continues to wear it that way and feel confident, they start to copy her and change their hairdos to be like her. Stephanie gets the last laugh at the end of the book, and my daughter laughed right along with her. This is a good book if you are looking for books to help build your child's confidence and self esteem.

  •     Munsch gives empowerment to children and entertains them with sooooo many of his books. Stephanie convinces her mother to give her different types of ponytails--even if it's not the norm....in the end Stephanie pulls a fast-one on her schoolmates b/c they were copying her. Very funny and entertaining for 2 years to 7 years. Unsure if boys would enjoy the book as much as girls who can relate to those pony tails but the book does involve boys within the story...

  •     Daughter although she is 22 now still loved seeing and reading this.

  •     This is my daughter's favorite book!! I love how it teaches kiddos to do their own thing!


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