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Kindergarten Countdown

Press:Random House Childrens Books Knopf Books for Young Readers (July 10, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-7
Author Name:Hays, Anna Jane


"MY SCHOOL STARTS in one week so—I have SEVEN DAYS to go. 
Mom says be patient, do not worry.
But I can't wait! I'm in a hurry!"In this delightful book a little girl counts off the days by naming what she'll do in kindergarten.
"I'll be ready, I'll be smart.
I will get a running start.
I'll say thank you, I'll say please.
I will say my ABCs!" And deciding what to wear and what to take are all part of her preparation for that exciting first day.
With bouncy read-aloud rhyme, bright, fun illustrations, and hidden objects to find on each page, Kindergarten Countdown gets children off on the right foot.

From Booklist

The author of Ready, Set, Preschool! (2005) offers an equally cheery title for the kindergarten bound. 
In the week before she starts kindergarten, Lucy can barely contain her excitement.
Bouncy, rhyming couplets describe how she plans and prepares each day, from imagining what she will bring to show-and-tell to choosing her confidence-boosting outfit ("my superhero sweater / that makes me feel / strong and better").
The computer-generated images, executed in strong geometric shapes and glossy, jelly-bean shades, offer plenty of opportunities for practicing basic concepts.
The name of each day appears on each spread, an image of Lucy playing with blocks shows the whole alphabet, and a counting review of the numbers one through seven concludes.
Simple, straightforward, and relentlessly upbeat, this energetic title is a welcome complement to the many entrées to kindergarten that focus on kids' anxieties.
Engberg, Gillian

About the Author

Anna Jane Hays directed Sesame Street's book publishing program for 29 years until her retirement as vice-president/editor-in-chief at Children's Television Workshop in 1999 when she moved to Santa Fe. 
She is the author of many books for children including Ready, Set, Preschool!Linda Davick's vibrant graphic art illustrated 10 Trick-or-Treaters, recommended by School Library Journal as "a not-too-scary treat for the youngest Halloween fans." She lives in San Francisco.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Great for my granddaughter who was a little apprehensive about leaving home all day. It helped her see what would really happen. She did wonderful her first day when she saw all her friends and like kindergarten. She read it several times with her parents the week before she started kindergarten so it was perfect.

  •     The book is in great shape we received it yesterday

  •     This is another book with kindergarten in the title that does not match the kindergarten of today. It is about play and not about academics...

  •     I had to replace this book as the first one they "loved" to death. but we love counting and picking out all the interesting things in each picture. we also love the rhymes and it definitely matches the enthusiasm of our kindergartners.

  •     Cute little book to read before the kids start Kindergarten! My 5 year old enjoyed every page!

  •     Sweet book to prepare for Kindergarten. My boys loved it and I ordered copies for several other friends.

  •     My granddaughter and I enjoyed reading it together. We also practiced counting and number recognition . She identified with the girl as she will soon begin kindergarten.

  •     Awesome-tacular. Stu-awesomeness. So great my kindergartner is making up words to describe it! Perfect book to read with your kindergartner.

  •     I've been looking for a good "I'm off to Kindergarten" book for my daughter. As you may have discovered yourself, there are hundreds to choose from. So far, I've found most of them fall into two categories: the "quiet my fears" type that list what MIGHT go wrong and why it's not a problem and the "look at all the fun stuff" type that list all the toys and art projects that kids will find in Kindergarten. With the first type, some kids actually pick up new fears from the book (my daughter would be in this group) and with the second type, the toys and activities would have been found in Kindergartens 20+ years ago but are rarely found in today's academic focused schools (not that that's a good thing!).This book is neither. It's a simple, joyous countdown to a little girl's first day of school. She is so excited she can barely contain herself and her happiness is infectious. My little girl was very uneasy about starting Kindergarten (still months away), didn't want to discuss it, and didn't want to hear any of the stories I had checked out of the library. Then she saw the happy little girl on the cover of this one and asked me to read it. One reading was enough - "Buy a copy of this one, Mommy!"

  •     Best Kindergarten book I've seen yet! Doesn't talk about all sorts of things your kid may never do. Doesn't get off track talking about things that will happen at the end of the year.

  •     It has the elements that children love....rhyme, animals, and a countdown to a special day... the first day of kindergarten. Great for those children with some anxiety for the start of school.

  •     it was OK. i wanted it to explain the experience of first going to Kindergarten.

  •     Getting ready for your first day of school is a very exiting thing, especially if you are old enough to go to kindergarten. Lucy is going to start school in only seven days and is in the kitchen looking at the calendar on the refrigerator. Her eyes are wide with excitement, but her Mom tells her to "be patient, do not worry." She's very excited and on Monday she is playing and talking to herself in her room."I'll be ready, I'll be smart.I will get a running start.I'll say thank you,I'll say please.I will saymy ABCs!"As the week goes by Lucy thinks of all the things she will do when she gets there and all the smart things she can already do. By Wednesday she is thinking of what she will wear. By Thursday she knows what she'll bring for "show-and-tell." She's marking off the days and she's keeping a very close watch on Monday, the day with the star on it.This little book, a perfect one for little hands, is simply marvelous. The rhyming text is adorable and the complimentary art work shows brings the excitement to the book. If you have a young one getting ready to go to kindergarten this is one fun book you won't want to pass up!

  •     I purchased this book for my niece and gave it to her weeks before she began kindergarten. It has a great story, wonderful pictures and is great for a gift.

  •     Good for getting your kid excited for kindergarten.


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