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Happy Baby: Colors

Press:Priddy Bicknell Books Priddy Books (January 3, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-1
Author Name:Priddy, Roger


Happy Baby:  Colors'Soft-to-touch' with simple clear images labelled to increase yoru child's vocabulary--truly a first book for your baby.

From the Back Cover

Happy Baby:  Colors'Soft-to-touch' with simple clear images labelled to increase yoru child's vocabulary--truly a first book for your baby.

About the Author

Roger Priddy left school at 16 with just one qualification—in art. 
He went to Berkshire College of Art and Design and trained as an illustrator.
His first job in children’s books was working with the publisher Peter Usborne, at Usborne Publishing, and then he worked with Peter Kindersley at Dorling Kindersley, where he spent 16 years.
Priddy became Creative Director of DK’s Children’s Division and was Managing Director of the children’s mass market publisher Funfax when it was acquired by DK.


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  •     Beautiful, brightly colored pictures make it easy for baby to stay focused.Great for reading to new babies, and just the right size for 1 yr to toddlers to carry on their own to have read to them again and again as they learn colors, and develop object recognition and matching skills.

  •     My toddler loves these books and loves the pictures. They are so colorful and help him expand his baby vocabulary.

  •     My kids have always loved this book as little ones, and I think it's been a great tool in helping them each learn their colors.

  •     Perfect, just as described by seller.

  •     My son loves theses books, we started reading them to him well before he had any idea what we were talking about. Now he's 2 and can name every item in the book.

  •     The colors in the book seem over-saturated. Perhaps that is done purposefully, but I find some of the photos to be unrealistic.

  •     While Roger Priddy generally hits a home run with "Happy Baby Colors," the book is not without its head-scratching moments.

  •     Perfect baby book!

  •     great book

  •     I bought this for my grandson and he loves it.

  •     Great book for toddlers to learn colors.

  •     I love the simplicity of this book! It's my son's favorite because the baby's faces draw his attention and the simplicity of the page layout makes it easy for me to teach him his colors.

  •     This was both of my kids' favorite book from toddlerhood through preschool. Just wait till they read it to you one day after memorizing it! Great pictures. Very inclusive and diverse babies.

  •     I read the reviews for this book and just had to have it for my twins. I was so pleased when it came. It is really well made, a good solid board book with a nice cover. The colors and pictures that represent them are just beautiful!! My kids took to it immediately and wanted to read it over and over again, and I enjoy reading it with them. This is going to be my shower gift or new baby gift for any friends or family from now on! You will not be sorry with this book!! (I also bought the "My Big Animal Book" by Priddy books, too, and it is just as stunning!!!) I am a devoted fan of these books now!

  •     My special needs daughter loves looking at this book. This is the second one she's had - she played with the first one so much, it fell apart. The book has all the basic colors with items of each color, and a baby wearing the color. She enjoys pointing to the babies and signing "baby".

  •     This book is the absolute best I have found for very young babies. I discovered when babysitting my then three-month-old nephew that he would stare at the babies in this book for a long time, especially given his age. When I got pregnant, I bought a copy for my daughter and she reacted the same way to this book that my nephew did. We started reading it to her when she was only a few weeks old, and for several months this was her favorite book--she got very excited each time we read it to her, and she'd often let us read it to her two or even three times through. That's a huge feat for a newborn! This is part of a series, and I have to say that this book was the best; the others didn't have as many pictures of babies, and that's really what seemed to enrapture my little one.

  •     My 1 yr old absolutely adores this book


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