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Alphabet House

Press:Marshall Cavendish Corp/Ccb Two Lions (September 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-9
Author Name:Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth


Nancy Elizabeth Wallace has done it again with her adorable three-dimensional artwork created with cut paper, scissors, and a glue stick. 
She invites children to enter an alphabet house and join a family of bunnies as they look for familiar objects starting with the letters A to Z.
If they miss anything, an easy-to-follow answer key is provided at the back.
An almost wordless text makes Alphabet House a great introduction to visual literacy, and the paper quilts on the endpapers add another colorful way to look at the alphabet.

From Booklist

A large rabbit family lives in a cut-paper Alphabet House: "Come inside, / look and see, things that start / with A to Z." On each page^B, family members, pictured doing some familiar activity, are surrounded by objects that begin with the featured letter, which appears in both upper- and lowercase form in the upper-left corner of the picture.
For example, a rabbit boy sits on a bed reading a book, his boots nearby on the floor, a bee at the window, a bat in the corner, and a bird in a box that rests atop some blocks.
With the exception of occasional labels to help identify less familiar objects, the book is wordless; the bright, bold collage art does the work.
The cut-paper art is clean and uncluttered, and the family context makes the selected objects easier to identify.
A list of the items that appear on each page is appended.
A good addition to the plethora of alphabet books.
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About the Author

Author Nancy Elizabeth Wallace is the author of a number of books, including Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!, Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!, Recycle Every Day!, Pumpkin Day!, and The Valentine Express. 
Nancy lives in Branford, Connecticut.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     We had fun with our daughter searching each page for things that start with each letter. A nice book to help her learn what things start with what letter

  •     my kids enjoyed all the things they could find each time we read this to them. definitely a good purchase.

  •     This is a fun book. My 3 and 5 year olds both enjoyed looking through it. It has a page for each letter of the alphabet that shows several things that start with that letter (ex.

  •     So, i'm a fan of Nancy Elizabeth work. I have her other book which teached about recycling. This book focuses on simple alphabets.

  •     Our grandson is 1 and we are building a library for him. My wife, a preschool teacher for 35 years, has carefully chosen books that are educational and fun.

  •     I picked this book as the curriculm I use gave this as a suggestion but I really did not like the way it read. I thought it would be a little different than what it was.

  •     It's important to realize that this isn't a story book. There's a page for each letter, and each page is a view of a room in a bunny family's house that depicts items starting...

  •     This book is very versatile and I love that it doesn't have words! It is great for teaching language skills in addition to the alphabet.

  •     The best part of this book is the page where it asks you if you can find a long list of objects that are hidden throughout the book.

  •     I love the unique pictures in this book. Each item on the page looks like it is made out of construction paper, so it is quite different from the artwork in other children's...

  •     I like the book and love looking for the objects with my grandson however the format that came across is not user friendly. On my iPad there are two pages on the screen and I can not increase the page to make the individual page bigger so that the objects are more identify able. Would have liked one letter per page.

  •     Well it looks I can't upload my photos and I am too lazy to do a video review. So, here it is. I am a parent of a 2, 4, and 5 year old. This means I have been through plenty of alphabet, phonics, sight word books, movies, etc. Anyway, I reviewed this specifically with my 2 year old girl as she needs the practice and other two boys are already mastered their ABCs. Here is what sets this book apart:1) It's all about the pictures. The author apparently made every single little item on each page for each letter using construction paper, scissors, and glue to a make scene for each letter. There are no other words in the books, just 26 pages of 26 letters but... (read below). These scenes I guess were photographed or something as they appear 3 dimensional but extremely clear and well done.2) At the end of the book are 2 pages that lists the items on each letter's page that you can you go back I guess ask your kid if they can find them. From a simple book reading perspective and a educational psychology perspective (sorry I have a PhD in ed psych)...this really doesn't seem to be helpful. I suppose if those 2 pages were the first 2 pages perhaps with some quick instructions for the parent on what to do (not that's its obvious) it would maybe have more educational merit.Other than that, my 2 year old liked the book and was happy Daddy got her a present.One last knit picky comment, not just for this book but for any book that has a colorful glossy cover and the SAME colorful glossy Hard cover...I ask why? Why waste paper on this, kids tear and lose these paper covers all the time. Maybe it's me but it seems like a waste of money that perhaps could knock a dollar or two off the price.

  •     I got this book for my 3 year old grandson and he loves it! There isn't any words for him to read and it isn't a story, but there is lots of interaction with your child with this book.Each page is a different letter of the alphabet that is on the upper left hand corner of the page. The child and reader look for all of the objects on the page that start with that particular letter. The pages are centered around the rabbit family that lives in the alphabet house and the illustrations are very clear and bright.You will spend quality time with your little one looking for all the things that begins with the corresponding letter. We had great fun going from page to page looking for all the things on the pages. I highly recommend this book for those with little ones to stimulate their minds and great interaction and of course spend some time with them, just one on one.

  •     I'm very disappointed with the Kindle version of this book. The book is scanned in rather small, with an inseparable double-page spread, and it won't work if you rotate an iPad to see only one page, and you can not zoom in either. The pictures are too small, even on a large iPad, to see well. This is not optimized for the Kindle ap on an iPad. Otherwise it's a cute book. From now on, I'll send a sample of the book to myself before I buy it. An example for a book that I think looks great on an iPad (even if you have to keep the iPad oriented in one direction):Children's Book: Alphabets, Numbers and Colors - Simple ABC picture book

  •     Entertaining.. fun.. perfect for little kids. They would surely have fun with this.

  •     The book that was shipped was not in good condition as is said. It looks really used and the packaging the book was shipped in was less than impresssive. It was a cardboard piece stapled around the book. The edges of the pages looked like it was sitting in water maybe due to the shipping package chosen or maybe because the quality of the book was really that poor before shipped. I plan to return the book.

  •     accidentthought there would be more of a story. might be better as an actual book experience. where kids could interact more with pages


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