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My Little Sister Ate One Hare (Dragonfly Books)

Press:Random House Childrens Books Dragonfly Books; Reprint edition (September 29, 1998)
Publication Date:1998-9
Author Name:Grossman, Bill/ Hawkes, Kevin (ILT)


In this uproariously funny counting book, illustrated by popular artist Kevin Hawkes, a ravenous little sister eats everything from one hare to ten peas. 
Now in Dragonfly, this is the perfect book for any kid who loves to giggle (and who doesn't?) and parents who love to hear them.  

From School Library Journal

Kindergarten-Grade 3-A counting book that talks about swallowing slimy creatures, ant's underpants, and regurgitation, and has outrageous illustrations is a guaranteed success with the primary-grade crowd. 
The cumulative rhyme has the irreverence of Silverstein or Prelutsky and the art has the rollicking humor of Lane Smith.
A young magician, the narrator's sister, puts on a show, eating one hare, two snakes, etc.
She isn't grossed out by consuming any bat or shrew, but give her nutritious food and watch out.
The text is enriched by the inclusion of just parts of previous number rhymes, so the narrative doesn't become totally repetitive.
The "low fat" worm jar with our heroine dressed as a chicken and the shrews walking the sword "plank" into oral doom are just two of the priceless pictures.
The anticipated ending is awesome with stunned critters everywhere, even on the audience of the magic show.
One of the biggest treats in teaching is listening to youngsters laugh, and laugh they will at My Little Sister Ate One Hare! Bravo! Encore!-Mollie Bynum, formerly at Chester Valley Elementary School, Anchorage, AKCopyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From the Inside Flap

In this uproariously funny counting book, illustrated by popular artist Kevin Hawkes, a ravenous little sister eats everything from one hare to ten peas. 
Now in Dragonfly, this is the perfect book for any kid who loves to giggle (and who doesn't?) and parents who love to hear them.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Great-FUNNY-book!

  •     I love love love this book! Way back when, this was the favorite of my now-20-year-old, as well as her 12-year-old sister.

  •     It's grossly delightful..

  •     I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. My nephews love this rhyming/counting book. This book is a little gross, but that's what little boys like.

  •     Funny, funny, funny! All parents who have finicky eaters need this book--not only for their sanity, but also to enjoy its humorous content.

  •     We love, love love this book! My two year old daughter asks for this book most nights. She loves the illustrations of all the animals as well as the silly costumes that "my...

  •     This book has done more to help my first and second graders learn to enjoy reading than all the books in my school put together! There isn't a week that goes by that someone doesn't beg me to read it to the class. Many of my students have actually gone out and bought their own copies (very rare for the neighborhood in which I teach). Every K-3 grader should have this book in his/her collection!

  •     Perfect book to get the class (kinder) squealing and giggling. Funny message.

  •     A favorite book for my grandkids and fun for adults to read to them.

  •     Cute book

  •     Silly and Serious this book is just great.Kids love to be silly and this book lets them.

  •     This is one of my favorite picture books to read to a young child. Great sing-song text that repeats on each page, adding even more hilarious fun every time. "My little sister ate one hare, we thought she'd throw up then and there, but she didn't..." Tremendous fun!! Outstanding illustrations too.

  •     I love this book! I plan on using it in my future classrooms. My 4 year-old nephew asks me to read it to him everytime he comes to my house. The illustrations are wonderful and the writing is great! This book is a must for teachers at all grade levels because lets face it every kid would love to read a book with the words "throw-up" on almost every page!

  •     The day after "My Little Sister Ate One Hare" was featured by our library story time, the bookstore in our area had six copies on order. We gave a paperback copy of the book to my son's first grade classroom library. To keep the students from fighting over the book, his teacher had to put up a "waiting list". The book has been so popular, the school purchased a hard back copy for their school library. My daughter just turned five and reads it every day. This is a "must have" book for any child.

  •     If I had to select a book to represent bad taste, this is it. Apparently, the author didn't find any way to count to ten other than having a girl eating all kind of repulsive beings. To that, he constantly rhymes hare with there, snakes with sakes and so on; always the same rhyme.I assume the kids who would giggle with this would be the same that would laugh when someone falls and gets hurt, My daughter doesn't, luckily..

  •     I love this. It is a humorous story and great for reading aloud to a class.

  •     As children lend an ear to Grossman'e counting book, they will have but one question: "What creature will that girl eat next?!" Through words and images, excitement abounds on every page as the reader witnesses the progressive feast of one ravenous little sister. Grossman's words and Hawkes' illustrations keep the audience in a state of anxious anticipation. With predictable rhythm, Grossman's lines unite with the whimsy of a song and the silliness of a cartoon: "My little sister ate three ants. She even ate their underpants." Children can easily master the repetitive wording, becoming active and eager participants in the telling of the story. Beginning with the consumption of one hare, each page build upon the former, adding more sustenance to little sister's belly. As she eats across the pages, little sister's apparel transforms, providing context for her current meal. Eating eight worms, little sister has donned a bright red chicken suit; outfitted with snorkeling gear, she reaches for seven polliwogs. On almost every page the girl's round, gaping mouth dominates, amplified by her monstrous shadow and her exposed gullet. With vibrant hues in mostly primary colors, Hawkes' illustrations extend Grossman's text. After one edge-of-their-seat journey through the pages, children will giggle with desire to hear this unimaginable tale again and again.

  •     This book was recommended by several friends who are teachers. My grandson loves it!!


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