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Numbers 1 2 3 / Los números 1 2 3 (English and Spanish Foundations Series) (Bilingual) (Dual Language) (Board Book) (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Press:Gardner Pub & Dist me+mi publishing; Volume 2 edition (October 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2005-2
Author Name:Rosa-Mendoza, Gladys
Language:English, Spanish


Numbers come alive with vivid illustrations of iguanas, toucans, turtles, and other creatures carefully chosen to captivate infants and toddlers. 
The book covers the numbers 1 10 and invites the reader to repeat the names in both languages.
This is an excellent way to introduce young children to numbers in an engaging way that is sure to entertain as well as teach.
Written by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza, edited by Carolina Cifuentes, and illustrated by Michele Noiset.
Winner of the Chicago Book Clinic Book and Media Show Award of Excellence.
This small book is durable and easy for young children to handle.
A complete pronunciation guide is included in the back of the book.
Creators of Award-Winning Dual Language Products: The English-Spanish Foundations Series is a prized group of products specially designed to reflect the joy, spontaneity, and energy of infants and toddlers.
These bright, colorful and engaging products were created by the principals of me+mi publishing, Gladys Rosa-Mendoza and Mark Wesley, award-winning publishers and the parents of bilingual children, who saw a need for high quality dual language books.
They have been creating books for major US publishers for over 20 years and have been honored with numerous awards for design and development of educational books.
Other Products in the English and Spanish Foundation Series include: Board Books: • The Alphabet • Numbers 1 2 3 • Colors and Shapes • My Family and I • Opposites • The Weather • What time is it? • My body • Jobs Around My Neighborhood • Fruits and Vegetables • I Can! • When I Am • Animals at the Farm • Cars, Trucks and Planes • My Clothes • Lupe Lupita, Where Are You? • It s My Birthday! • My House • I Live Here! • Lola (Paperback) • Let s go to the zoo! • My Senses • I Take Care of Myself! • My School • Who lives in the sea? • My Week Big Books: • My Family and I • Jobs Around My Neighborhood • Lupe Lupita, Where Are You? • When I Am • My House • My body • I Can! • Animals at the Farm • I Live Here! • My Senses • I Take Care of Myself! • My Week • Who lives in the sea? Audio Books on CD: • My Family • My Body • I Can! • Jobs Around My Neighborhood • Animals at the Farm Storybooks: • I, sailor • I, farmer • I, ballerina • I, astronaut • Lola


The illustrations are breath taking --Chicago Book Clinic Award Show

About the Author

From the Publisher: me+mi publishing is an independent publisher dedicated to creating the highest quality products available in two or more languages for infants and toddlers. 
Reading is a critical element of success in life, and linguists generally agree that bilingual programs provide real educational benefits.
We believe that by exposing dual language literature to children at the earliest stages, they will enter the education system not only well prepared with strong reading skills, but with a unique advantage as well.
As a result learning becomes a positive life experience for the rest of their lives.
Our Guiding Principles: • We believe that every child should be read to from birth.
• We believe every child should be taught at least two languages.
• We strive to surpass each customer's expectations.
• We will only produce the highest quality products.
Our Vision: me+mi publishing will be a company that is recognized for producing the finest dual language products that allow children to function at a high level equally well in English and Spanish.
Awards: me+mi publishing has received the following literary awards: • Benjamin Franklin Award • Chicago Book Clinic Book and Media Show • Latino Literary Hall of Fame Mariposa Award • Latino Literary Hall of Fame • Latino Literary Hall of Fame Honorable Mention • Writer s Digest Certificate of Merit From the Author: When my children were in preschool, I found it hard to find good quality books in English and Spanish.
This difficulty inspired me to create the English and Spanish Foundations Series.
This series started out with only a few books, and has now grown to include over 50 products.
Over the course of my career, I have developed over 600 books and other products for some of the largest publishers in the United States and have received numerous awards and accolades.
My clients have included companies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Dental Association, American Medical Association, Cook County Hospital, Kraft General Foods, Target, Boarders, Costco, Sams, Burlington Coat Factory, U.S.
Post Office, World Book, American Family Insurance, Sate Farm, Reader's Digest, Heinemann Library, HarperCollins, Dorling Kindersley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill, Pearson and others.
I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and have a BFA in Visual Communications.
While at SAIC, I also won a scholarship to study in Europe at the Basel School of Design.
I also have a master's degree in Service Design and Design Research from IIT School of Design, with an emphasis on User-centered, Research and Analysis, Service Design and Cross-Cultural Research.
I am fluent in English and Spanish and live in the Chicago area with my husband, two children and our dog Chuchi.
I am so thankful and grateful that you have chosen to buy our products.
It is my hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


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  •     I purchased this book and others for my baby who is only 15 months. They are hardcover and basic. My child is already associating things. She is also learning spanish very easily. Thank you.

  •     I guess if all you want is to see the words for the numbers 1-10 written in both Spanish and English with a lovely drawing of said quantity next to it, then this is your book (and then it deserves 5 stars). I'm a big fan of board books and an even bigger fan of the bilingual board books. Yet at 2.25 years old this book is pretty basic for my daughter. While she can't always count up to 10 correctly all of the time in either language (so it can help with that), it's not one she asks to read very often. There is no story. No cute words to keep even her interested (let alone mine). The illustrations are cute enough, at least. It was given as a gift, so what can you say? Free books are always nice, but if you're paying for it just make sure that you aren't hoping for an engaging story to go with it. Not a book I would buy for others.

  •     I've been reading this book and also the Fruits and Vegetables one to my baby for months now. He loves them. Not only are the illustrations pretty but it's very cool for him to see things in both languages.

  •     Expected it to be bigger numbers up to twenty only

  •     Bought this book recently to help re-inforce my two and a half year olds spanish classes (my family is spanish and would like to give her the exposure to the language). She now counts to 10 all by herself and wants to read this book every night before bed. There is no story in this book, but simply the numbers, with the amount of animals in both English and Spanish almost like flash cards. I like a book better because my daughter likes to throw flash cards all over the place!

  •     Good

  •     As a child, the Spanish language was not something that I was familiar with. Even so, I still knew how to count up to 10 and found excitement in my ability to repeat the numbers to my friends. This "Numbers" book is a terrific tool to use to learn Spanish numbers. The pictures of animals increase as the numbers do and is a great way for children to remember the numbers as associated with a specific animal. The board feature of the book has allowed it to last even after my paperback books have fallen apart. I would recommend this book to anyone who desires to learn how to count in both Spanish and English.


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